The XBOX One


What was wrong with the old controller on Netflix?


Left thumbstick is currently impossible to center. So the navigation either goes up or down constantly. So in order to choose something in Netflix, you need to kind of hold it near the center while wiggling it up and down, while using your other thumb on the d-pad to try to counteract the constant up and down inputs from the left thumbstick. Basically Netflix’s interface has no dead-zone taken into account at all. Even a little bit of up and down input from the controller makes it go up or down.

Most other interfaces allow for a bit of a deadzone. Like Hulu and Plex and other apps.

Netflix also patched out Kinect Support, just like the Hulu app, so it can’t be navigated by voice either.


Ew. That sucks. I had an original Xbox “big-hand” controller that had a stick that drifted. Awful.


For feel, the Elite controller is tops. If you keep an eye out, there are refurbs available in the $70-$90 range. Well worth it compared to the stock controller for $60.


The ones you get from XBox Design are nice - I’m on my second one. I think they’re a step up from stock, but down from the Elite, when you don’t need those paddles and such. I’m on #2 as I found out my first one didn’t handle getting stepped on by my 5yo well.

I really like the rubberized grips as an added option.


Oh crap, I didn’t even want Star Wars Battlefront but I bought it on sale anyway. I’ve got issues.


Back compat info has been pretty quiet the last few weeks but today we get six 360 games made available on XB1:

Monopoly Deal
Virtual On (though this appears to be Japan only)
Slender: The Arrival
Super Contra
Saints Row The Third

I remember I got Undertow for free due to an XBL outage right after I got my 360, a bunch of you probably have this too. Nice to have more Saints Row since I already own that as well.


Nice. I just checked, Saints Row 3 was a GwG game, so us long term gold members should own it.


Looks like Halo Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo 4 have been released as back combat this morning. If you were looking for more Halo and didn’t make the jump with MCC, you’re in luck.


That’s pretty cool. I wonder if you can do System Link with a 360 on Halo 3? It’s time for a big Halo party at my house again if so…


Looks like you can, but will need a unique copy of the game per console.


That’s normal. I own multiple copies of Halo, Halo 2 and Halo 3 for this specific reason. :)


Also, I have no idea if this sort of thing is “legal” in the sense of being condoned by Microsoft, but you can get LocoCycle free as part of India’s GwG right now, here:


I saw that on CAG last week. I didn’t bother, since I’ve heard LocoCycle is not worth playing. From the reviews, it sounds like it’s not worth wasting your time to even install it.


I keep forgetting CAG exists, but I find it hard to turn down free stuff. Except that time there was a wrestling game offered through GwG, because I will never play that. But a bad racing game? Maybe!


I enjoyed Lococycle for awhile when I bought it on Steam. Not a racer. It’s not a good game, but it’s stupid fun if you’re into that stuff. Liked it more than this week’s Battlefield GWG.

Just signed up for a month of EA Access. Are any of the sports games worth playing if I’m not a fan of them?


FIFA is pretty much the pinnacle of soccer/football. Madden can teach you the intricacies of football if you want to grok it.


Thanks to EA Access, I recently learned that golf still bores the hell out of me. At no extra cost!


Golf is the only sport that I absolutely can’t stand IRL but love to play in video games.


Will be for Xbox One and Windows 10.