The XBOX One


I somehow imagined that, while it has more or less the form factor of the Duke, it would have all the control options of the existing Xbox One controller. But no, it seems to be an actual Duke, so no bumpers. Seems like it might be a bit impaired trying to use it with current games.


Same here. I imagined it would have bumpers instead of the white and black buttons, and the analog sticks would be clickable. Without that, you’re short some buttons even counting the white and black buttons.


I imagine the analog sticks should be clickable, because the original Duke’s were - needed to be in order to control some games like Gunvalkyrie, which I still have nightmares about.


I don’t think that’s the case. I recently bought JSRF again and played it on my Xbox that I keep in my parent’s basement. I was surprised at how much more “solid” the analog sticks feel compared to the 360 and XB1 controllers, but they weren’t clickable.

I’m going there today on the way home, I’ll double check for you.

Edit: I looked up the manual for Gunvalkyrie:

It’s confusing, but it does seem to mentioning clicking and holding the left thumbstick. But I don’t know if they mean clicking a button and holding the thumbstick simultaneously, or clicking in the left thumbstick.


Yeah, see the bit under Boost Dash in the manual? You had to click in the thumb stick to maintain boost while pushing in a direction. Theoretically you could chain those infinitely. In reality, I nearly lost a thumb playing that game.


Definitely the case that OG Xbox controllers had sticks you could push. It was much better on the S controller.


Hey, this is pretty cool. I mean I don’t see myself buying one, but it’s cool that they’re out there -


Good news, I remembered to get Oxenfree without you jokers. Thanks for nothing @divedivedive!


Hey, Telefrog told us all back on Aug 24th. Maybe if you turned off Destiny now and then …

Anyway I posted some impressions of Oxenfree over in its thread, you can always join in the discussion over there.


Right, like I’m gonna have time to play the game! I’ve got Destiny to work on!


Speaking of Games with Gold, gather round kiddies, because it’s that time again -

Xbox One:
Gone Home, Oct 1 - 31
The Turing Test, Oct 16 - 31

Xbox 360 and back compat:
Rayman 3 HD, Oct 1 - 15
Medal of Honor Airborne, Oct 16 - 31

Not a bad month - I already own the two Xbone games but I enjoyed them both quite a bit. Haven’t played either 360 game but I’m not a big Rayman fan.


Damn it. I just bought Turing Test in the last sale.

Note to self for the 10th time: When they’re selling a game at rock bottom prices, they are about to offer it on GwG.


Yay, a minor victory for self-control, I don’t own any this month.


You never really can tell. I keep holding myself back from buying 360 games on sale that aren’t yet back compat. I have no idea when or even if they’ll be made compatible so I just have to let them slide by, I’ve done it twice now for AC Liberation. Hope that one doesn’t bite me in the posterior.


I think the best advice for saving money across all systems if you’re paying for these services that give you free games is to only buy $60 packaged games around release time and wait on pretty much everything else unless you are going to play it right away. It’s likely to be free somewhere later.

Humble Monthly works the same way on PC for $12 a month.


Someone please remind me to play Oxenfree.


All Destiny 2, all the time right now.


I tried Oxenfree and was immediately turned off by the dialogue since I’ve never heard people in real life communicate like the characters in the game. It just seemed unrealistic and contrived and I couldn’t buy into the story.


I actually know almost nothing about it. I’m pretty sure Tom liked it, so I wanted to remember to pick it up while it’s free on Live this month, hence my dumb little running joke here. But yeah, I don’t know when I’ll carve out time to play it.


Game pass next week:

Bug Butcher
Costume Quest 2
Cursed Castilla / Maldita Castilla EX
Saints Row Gat out of Hell
State of Decay
Super Street Fighter 4
Tower of Guns