The XBOX One


Good timing on State of Decay! I already own it but was thinking I’d give it a Halloween playthrough.


Do you guys know of any “Dynasty Warriors” - like games? I know there’s DW8 and Warriors Orochi 3 for the system.


As you go down the list, the similarities get pretty iffy IMO.


Haha, thanks, I think? :)

For Honor at #2? I suppose the brief parts where you fight the minions, but that’s hardly the meat of the game.

XCom2 at #13 is a surprise, ha!


A surprise to me was Arslan, which I’d never heard of:

So that sounds like a straight up Dynasty Warriors-like game, right?


Kind of interesting -


And which may have to be renamed for its UK release.



Warriors Orochi 3 is pretty good. It was on Games with Gold so you might already have it :)

There are a lot more on the 360, but I don’t think any are BC yet. Genre is usually called “musou”. I really enjoyed DW7, and heard lots of good things about the Gundams. Ninety Nine Nights, Strikeforce & DW6 weren’t as fun as the others I’ve played.

(OT) Titanfall is fantastic. Spent like 20 hours in that game this week, wish I bought it years ago.


Thank you for the info!


So good news, everyone! Fable Anniversary and Fable II Pub Games are now backward compatible on the Xbone. Bad news, Fable Aniversary is selling on the Xbox Marketplace for $39.99! Well, maybe it’ll be GwG soon.

Anyway, somehow I never heard or totally forgot about the existence of Anniversary, apparently it’s a remaster of the original Fable? I never played that, but did play 2 and 3 - is the first game (or more to the point, Anniversary) worth checking out?


I loved the first Fable - would definitely recommend it. I’m sure the physical version is pretty cheap.


Oh hey, free Xbox Live Gold this weekend, y’all. Go out there and play some multiplayer or something.


My power brick is dead (light stay orange forever).

I am Canadian. I went to and paid $40 to send in my power brick for a new one

In order to send in my power brick is supposed to send me an email with the shipping address to send my defunct power supply. Never received the email. Spam folder empty.

Don’t want to be onhold forever. Anyone know the correct address for Canadians?


The Fall Update is now out, and I installed it. (If it doesn’t automatically prompt you to update, go to settings).

I really like the UI now. But I really hope they lock this down for a while; they seriously did a big overhaul already this year.


I think my favorite thing about this update is you can hit the guide button then go to the bottom of the flyout menu and access all the free GwG games. Just in case you’re the kind of person to forget to claim your games.


I’m a huge fan of the new guide specifically. The dashboard is fine, probably the best yet, but I honestly don’t even use it much anymore since the guide can do practically everything now.


Cities Skyline has a free weekend with gold.

I like these offers popping up right on the new home screen.

Glad I tried EA Access. I really enjoyed Mirrors Edge Catalyst, Battlefield Hardline & the Titanfalls. Mass Effect Andromeda is on there now, first few hours have been fun. @divedivedive your leaderboard times in Catalyst are crazy. I never came close to any of them.



I now have to download Catalyst and see if I can beat him.


Challenge accepted! I really liked Catalyst but overall felt a little let down. I don’t think being an open world game really worked here, and that’s something I rarely say. There was just not much going on. The missions though, and the challenges - great fun.

Anyway, I’m going to start poking the resident MS dudes for more OG Xbox backcompat info. We know it’s coming but that’s about it. Anyone talking dates? Will we be able to test it out in early release? Throw me a bone here!