The XBOX One


I love reading stuff like this. It’s clear all this stuff had to be a labor of love for these people because I can’t imagine this is making any money at Microsoft. I’ve got a lot of respect for people who are able to push a vision through such a massive place like MS, god knows I never could. I’m definitely going to pop in the games I own tomorrow for a test drive.

Also, this is a cool quote: “And even better, they’re not just compatible. They’re better. All the games run in 1080p with higher and/or smoother framerates. I played KOTOR side-by-side with the original (yes, running on an original Xbox), and the difference was obvious. Ninja Gaiden Black looked almost modern thanks to its native widescreen support, and you can mix and match Xbox systems in a System Link multiplayer match of Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge; I played on an OG Xbox using a Duke controller against one person on an Xbox 360, another on an Xbox One S, and the fourth on an Xbox One X.”


Heh, “sock”. The author didn’t know what a SoC is.

Neat to hear that they were thinking ahead and made custom tweaks to the Xbone SoC to ease X360 emulation.


Too bad there’s no way to use your original disk to claim an online version. Hope my old Xbox games still work!


What do you mean? Tomorrow you should be able to pop in your old disk (assuming it’s one of those thirteen games) and download an Xbox One compatible executable and start playing. Just like the way 360 back compat works currently.


But you have to keep using the original disk in the drive right? That’s what I meant.


Oh yeah, I imagine so.


Yep. This potentially solves the problem I have with a bad disc I bought for Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. It had a scratch on the disc where it wouldn’t play the good ending. So I had to watch it on Youtube instead.

But now, if it becomes backwards compatible, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore since it won’t be playing anything off the disc.


But the original disk in the drive is just for a disc check for 360 BC, so hopefully that will be the case here as well.


Actually I’d be interested to know that. Seems like it would work as long as the scratch isn’t bad enough for the console to recognize the game.


My old MechAssault MP sessions were some of my favorite all-time online gaming moments. Too bad they can’t somehow recreate that. I’d be great if the campaign could at least make it into BC.


Won’t solve the problem that WW sucks.


I really want Halo and Halo 2 because it would make it that much easier to do LAN parties at the house for the kids. I know it won’t happen though. They think they took care of that with Halo Master Chief Collection, but that only supports two players per box. :(


That’s another thing, sounds like system link multiplayer will work, but we’re still not hearing whether any form of Xbox Live will be enabled for games that supported it. They had shut that down for the old Xbox some time back, I’m guessing it would take some work to get it going again.


It’s my second favorite PoP game after Prince of Persia 2008. My favorite in terms of gameplay, the worst in terms of story.

PoP Classic: Excellent gameplay, almost non-existent story
PoP 2: Similar gameplay, not as tight as the first, not as good
PoP 3D: Never played it.
PoP Sands of Time: Excellent gameplay, great story, brilliant revival of the series.
PoP Warrior Within: Even better gameplay, horrible story elements, but the best hardcore gameplay in the series, and the story gets much better in the second half.
PoP Two Thrones: i hated the gameplay, never finished it.
PoP 2008: Easy difficulty gameplay, best story. My favorite of the series.
PoP Forgotten Sands: Very good. I enjoyed the gameplay a lot. I don’t remember the story much even though this was the latest PoP game, and the one I played most recently. And yet I remember the stories from PoP 2008, Sands of Time and Warrior Within most vividly.


I think they’re saying that online is a no go. LAN only.


Have they actually said this? I’m trying to find a statement.


In the first IGN article posted…

For titles that support System Link multiplayer, it still works – even across the Xbox family. I got to play a four-player round of Crimson Skies, with me on the original Xbox, another person on an Xbox One X, another on an Xbox One S, and the fourth on a launch Xbox One. Online multiplayer is not supported, however, as servers for original Xbox games were shut down years ago.


Sadly, that probably means that Project Gotham 2 friends leaderboards and replays won’t work either. That’s a shame. That was one of my favorite aspects of that game. I could set a time, then go to the leaderboard, either filter by friends or all time, and go to any time, and download that ghost. So I could see how the person at the top of the leaderboard got such a great time by actually driving against their ghost.


I read that, just would like to see something official. Were any of those initial 13 games ever Live enabled?


Sorry if someone already posted this, but this KOTOR comparison video makes the BC version look much sharper.