The XBOX One


Well one thing’s for sure, they definitely aren’t antialiasing!


Another thing I wonder - will OGXbox game saves be saved in the cloud, like the others? I don’t know why not, but I don’t like to make assumptions.


The news post is up now:

More games in spring. Ninja Gaiden Black will be in gamepass. 700 million hours of 360 BC games played. Mixer stream tomorrow with the BC team.


Also official confirmation that Xbox Live functionality will not be available for OG games that used them. And apparently this is now live, though I can’t take advantage of it until tonight. I will run through the ones I own, really curious to see it in action.


Yeah, and Ninja Gaiden is already in gamepass. Downloading it right now.

I’m excited. I missed the original Xbox… back then all I played was Warcraft 3 custom maps for like 5 years. Always wanted to try this game.


I haven’t been able to get KoToR (from GoG) to run on my year old laptop which runs KoToR 2 just fine. Too lazy to put anymore effort into it so definitely going to download it on the Xbox One.



Tried out a bit of Crimson Skies. Where’s the widescreen patch?


Can you transfer your saved games from an Xbox 360 to an Xbox One X and then play the game using backward compatibility? Maybe using cloud for saves?

I’m getting an Xbox One X but not any Xbox One games at release. I never played Oblivion Shivering Isles and would like to do that on the system since it’s BC, but not if I have to start with a fresh game because the dumb level scaling would make it a lot less interesting.


I went ahead and picked up Sid Meier’s Pirates and Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (hey, I’m optimistic) on eBay. I know I can buy them for download but I like having hard copies of older games when I can.


The Xbox originals program is our last chance to play Gladius on a modern console. Come on Phil Spencer!


Yes. You can manually copy anything saved on your 360 storage to your cloud storage. An XB1 will only use cloud storage for BC games.

You may need to have XBL Gold for cloud storage, I haven’t had an interruption in my sub for a long while, but I know PS+ makes cloud saves contingent on a paid account.


Cloud saves are free on Xbox.


If I recall correctly, cloud saves require gold on 360 but do not on Xbone.


Yep, you do need Gold on a 360 to use Cloud Saves. If you don’t currently have Gold, you can always sign up for just one month for the transfer. Or try to find a friend with one of those “free trial” cards.

Just copy all your 360 saves to Cloud Storage and they’ll be there on your Xbox One X when you play the games.


Installed and played Crimson Skies, Psychonauts and KOTOR last night - what a blast. You even have the old Xbox startup screen before the games load. Have to say all three looked, sounded and played just great. Psychonauts is one that I remember playing on 360 back compat and it was never quite right, graphical and color glitches that made it feel just off enough to hinder the experience. None of that on the One, everything is just like I remember it.

My only complaint is that we have to wait until spring for the next batch! Hopefully will be more than 13 games.


I looked this morning at the new notice on the dashboard. They had an array of all 13 games. I thought I only owned Psychonauts digitally, but it turns out I also owned Ninja Gaiden Black. Hurray! I set both games to download before I left for work. Hopefully I’ll have time to check them out tonight. And then I can go looking through my old Xbox discs. I don’t think I owned KOTOR, I think I borrowed that to play through it. But I’m 90% sure I own Crimson Skies, even though I never played it. It was always in my backlog. I did play through the first Crimson Skies, the one on PC done by Zipper. I loved that game sooooo much.


Nice! Looking forward to replaying KoToR and never owned the original XBox so I’m pretty excited!


One other thing from the IGN article that I found interesting:

So back compat was always part of the plan, or at least prepared for as a possible path.


And since I’m guessing since it’s not a big enough story around these parts to merit its own thread, RIP Kindle: