The XBOX One


Bargain thread, or here? Hmmm.

Okay, there’s the big Shocktober game sale this week. I finally had a glance through it, and it’s big. Lotsa stuff on sale. I’m in the mood for some new games for my backlog while I farm more Oxium in Warframe. Don’t ask me why.

Be warned, these are very different games, but these three seem good:

Torment: Numenera, $12.50(!!!) I’d like to play this, as I’m a vague fan of the setting (supported the original KS at the ‘digital everything’ level, and have read most of most of the books), and bought/loved the original Torment when it came out. I’ve shied away from playing it on my TV, though. That said, I literally have no PC to play it on, so no other option. And this is stupid cheap (down from $50).

Dying Light: The Following: Enhanced Edition- $21
My brother was in a bad car accident a week or two ago. He’ll be out of the hospital in a few days, and laid up for a few months. He likes zombies, and open-world stuff sometimes. I’ve heard this is pretty good, and for this price includes literally every DLC they put out for it. Seems like it’d be a fun co-op thing. I just wish I was in the Insider ring that I could buy it for both of us (ie gift one to him)

What remains of Edith Finch- $16
Seems neat. Probably most likely to play this, as I hear it’s reasonably short. Only $4 off, though.

So, which one? Or two?


Only own one of them, but I think Dying Light is pretty good. Never finished, more or less got set aside since the friends I was going through in co-op kind of bailed on me.


I don’t need anymore stuff for my backlog but that’s a good price for Torment: Numenera…how is that for the One? Fan of PS:T, will I like this?


I looked at the reviews. Almost all (good and bad) are from the Feb/Match launch time frame. Most say it was buggy. Not sure how well patched its been since then.


Part of me respects that they’re putting these kind of detailed, maybe even fiddly RPGs on consoles but I don’t think I’d ever play them there. These just seem perfect for a PC, mouse and keyboard experience, but that’s just me.


Yeah, I agree- I mentioned that in my post. Ideally, I’d play it on a tablet, but I don’t have a Surface yet, and no Android version. So here we are.


No, the decision changes if you don’t have a PC. I just imagine the experience would suffer, though probably not enough to skip the game entirely.


Huh, this is kind of funny. If you ever wanted to watch Chris Evans play Shadow of Mordor on the Xbox One X, well …


Is there any way to browse the xbox one store online? Its so damn slow on the Xbox to do anything, that it kills any interest I have in using it. I would like to see if any of the games Im interested in are discounted though, but so far, I havent been able to see the Xbox Store without a crapton of windows games, and non-xbox games as well.


I am only seeing Xbox One games - are you in the US? Under the GAMES menu, it lets you select XBOX ONE.

From there you can filter it several ways.

So I filtered to SHOW ALL GAMES and got 864 results.
SHOW EXCLUSIVES gave me 28 results. Really? 28 out of 864 exclusives? That can’t be right!


I’m sorry, but WHERE are you seeing xbox one games only? I am talking about online instead of on the xbox, because the xbox ui is so slow it drains me to even contemplate doing anything other than starting a game there.

And, I’m in Denmark :-)


There’s a page for the weekly deals with gold. Updates on tuesday.

I think @Relayer71 was talking about this:


I don’t have a suggestion for alternate means of browsing the store but it seems odd you’re having so much trouble doing it on the Xbox itself. I find using the store on my console comparable to browsing the Steam store on my PC in terms of speed.


Thanks! I can use that one perfectly!

@divedivedive I don’t have trouble browsing, but its so damn slow. Every time I choose a new catagory, it loads something, and just hangs for a few seconds, if I go down to see the next few games, it hangs - its always done so. Could be a european thing of course, but its enough to make the xbox a dust gatherer, instead of a machine I’d like to turn on and have fun with.


I can understand that, it would suck to have a several second delay every time you load up a new screen. Just seems weird that your experience would be so drastically different, sorry I can’t offer any ideas.


Was talking about this page, but it’s U.S.


I experience the same thing occasionally with the screen freezing for up to 3 or 4 seconds when I make a selection. Doesn’t always happen, but overall I wouldn’t say my experience on the Xbox is snappy. Seems to hang for a second or two whenever I click on a new category.


Deadly Premonition was added to backward compatibility list. I hope they give away that game with GwG someday. The idea of a cult classic game appeals to me, but not enough to actually buy one.


I almost posted about it yesterday because I know the game has a devoted fan base, but the truth is I think it’s an awful game. Petty of me, I know.


I noticed yesterday that Elder Scrolls Online is free to play again for a few days. I’m not going to bother downloading it again. It’s a good game, I have to admit, but it’s not fantastic.