The XBOX One


Great, I’m gonna knock me up some wenches and be a deadbeat dad, too.

Rock8man, I felt the same way about the game, of what I did play of it; such great atmosphere. I think what put me off it a little was the simple combat and some of the silliness (poses, farts).

But I will reinstall it and give it another shot as soon as I can finish one of the games I am currently playing. I have actually played through the first few hours of the game three times since release and have enjoyed it each time but it hasnt managed to hold my attention as well as other games.


December is looking great. I’m not sure about the Lacrosse game, but everything else is fun.

Game pass:

  • Casey Powell Lacrosse 16
  • Darksiders Warmastered
  • Gears of War 4
  • Mass Effect
  • Mega Man 10
  • Sherlock Holmes The Devil’s Daughter
  • This War of Mine

X1 gwg:

  • Back to the Future Telltale
  • Warhammer Vermintide

360 gwg:

  • Child of Eden
  • Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death

I’ll happily play Marlow Briggs a third time for gamerscore points. :)


Wait wait wait. Child of Eden? I wonder if my Kinect will work, since it was a Kinect game on 360?

Vermintide was the one that’s like Left 4 Dead, right? That killed my interest in it when I heard that.


No. There is no Kinect backwards compatibility.

Good news on the Telltale game, I was tempted to buy in in the sale yesterday.


Child of Eden does have a controller input method though. Curious to see how it works, never played the game! Anyone know?


I should probably just stop buying Telltale games, seems like most of 'em make it to GwG eventually.


I feel like I own all of them and never purchased any of them. I got about ten minutes into one before I realized they’re just massive QTEs and uninstalled and hid from my games list.


Not this one. It’s an adventure game series with an inventory & puzzles.

Yup. A Steam friend got really into Vermintide’s action RPG-ish loot system, over 700 hours played.


Remind me what’s good for co-op with young kids on the Xbox other than Lego games.

I saw Yooka-Laylee has some kind of co-op, is that any good?


My kids are really into Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. And Minecraft.


How young? There are definitely the games @divedivedive mentioned. Also: Chariot and Rayman Legends.

Don’t know what else might be appropriate based on their age.

I know you said no Lego games, but Lego steeply discounted the Lego Dimensions base box on their own shop (at least in UK) as the end of the line approaches and that has been a really fun experience playing through with my daughter. You both get to play the game and build together.


My oldest nephew is 7, I already know he likes the Lego games but I was just trying to remember if there were any other Xbox options since that’s the only console I have with me on this Thanksgiving trip.




Try looking up Overcooked.


So, I’m looking at the X Box one Bundle, and I’m having trouble deciding. This is my first console in over a decade, and I’m really buying it to be a blue ray player and a Skype machine. It seems like Watch Dogs 2 and Assassins creed might be my best options but I have two small children, so maybe Just Dance 2018?

I’m very much lost in this, so any help would be appreciated.


That’s a good selection of games. Steep is very enjoyable if you like SSX types of snowboarding games. Steep could also be a hit with your kids. The Crew is enjoyable if you want a driving game where you explore a mini-USA. Watch Dogs 2 generally got a pretty decent reception here at Qt3 by the few people who played it. Ezio Collection has AC: Brotherhood, my favorite of the series so far, probably. And Just Dance 2018 might be a hit with your young children. So yeah, I don’t know, I can’t help.


The Assassin’s Creed collection is 3 games, but they can all be picked up dirt cheap at any Gamestop if you’re interested in them later.

Steep is worth considering too. It’s really cool.

Tom’s review:


I usually don’t consider racing or sports games, but maybe I will grab one of those since it might be fun with a controller and it would be something different from my usual fare.

My girls are 1 and 3 if that helps.

What is the dance game like? Do I need a mat or special controller?


Having watched Zedaph play human fall flat for 3 episodes, I think I’d recommend that too as a co-op game:

I haven’t tried it myself though. But it seems like a really fun time and very silly.

I believe it’s on sale on the digital store.


I actually own Human Fall Flat, I bought it as part of an indie bundle with several other games like Serial Cleaner and Manual Samuel. I don’t know anything about it though, I should fire it up.