The XBOX One


Hey, just in case anyone is interested like I was, you can get Halo Wars 2 complete digital edition, that’s with all DLC including Awakening the Nightmare, for $35.99. It’s on the Black Friday sale on Xbox for about $50, so it’s not a bad deal.

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So, I saw that best buy has a 3 month xbox live subscription for 10 dollars. Is that the best deal?


You can get an $80 Xbox gift card for $100. Or maybe every $200 for $160.

Good for games / movies.


I can’t make up my mind whether it’s worth it to go to Walmart to get a copy of Mario + Rabbids for $29, but I did it. Not again, I think.


Well, I guess I’m not buying an X Box One. S I can’t cancel my order without going through my bank, and until I cancel my order I can’t get my Store Credit back.

I was going to cancel the bundle, purchase the x box gift card for 20% off, and then repurchase the bundle with the store credit and the gift card, but that was not at all possible according to the customer service person.


Any XBL Gold Black Friday deals?


Best buy has a 3 month one for 10 dollars. I bought one but since I’m thinking of returning the thing, I might sell it for 10.00.


Hm, that’s not bad, $40 for a year. I may get in on that.


I have an Xbox coming in, but I may return it. If I do, I will sell the Xbox live card. Otherwise, it’s available on Best buy website.


Any yays or nays on this stuff in the sale?

Crackdown 2
Deus Ex HR DLC: Missing Link
Infinite Minigolf
Soul Calibur V (single player)


Nays on all of them from me. I couldn’t get into Soul Calibur V, despite being a fan of the original. Same with Crackdown 2 and being a fan of Crackdown. Never heard of Infinite Minigolf, and didn’t play Deus Ex HR.


Absolutely useless as a single-player game.


Crackdown 2 is ok, but not as good as the original. The core gameplay there is still a blast, there’s just not as much going on. It’s pretty much a sandbox for blowing stuff up - if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re good. Just note that it isn’t backward compatible on the Xbox One yet, if that matters. Folks are speculating the two Crackdown games will be released to back compat around the time 3 is released.

I like the Missing Link DLC for Human Revolution, it’s a little self-contained side story. I really liked the base HR game so I would imagine that’s going to be the indicator as to how much you’ll appreciate the DLC.


I’ve just spent the last hour playing it with my daughter (it’s indeed on sale) and it’s as much fun as it seemed to be. I’d definitely recommend it for some coop fun with a child.


Thanks guys! Glad I asked here before buying Soul Calibur :)

I mentioned this in the bargain thread, but if anyone knows Canadians who might be interested in a new Xbox One S this is the best deal all year.

After signing up for the newsletter it’s 275$ for the console, Forza 7, Forza Horizon 3 & the Hot Wheels dlc.


In the interest of keeping folks up to date, I’ll try to keep track of back compat releases as they become available. Today Peggle 2 and Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death are available to play on the Xbox One.


Today Sonic Adventure 2 and Earth Defense Force 2017 are added to backward comparability for Xbox One. I played EDF 2017 a long time ago but don’t have my copy anymore, may need to pick up another one. I remember having a lot of fun with it.



Wow, there was a Sonic Adventure 2? The original Sonic Adventure is probably the worst launch game I’ve ever played. (Dreamcast in this case). It was also my first Sonic game, so I formed the impression that all Sonic games must suck.


Yeah I didn’t know the Sonic Adventure games had ever been ported. I remember the first one from the Dreamcast - I mean, I remember I owned it but don’t really remember much of anything about it.


I have been playing an ungodly amount of XCOM Enemy Unknown on my XBOX One via 360 BC. This has been in my backlog for YEARS, but I never got to it because whenever I’d get the urge to play I’d just fire up Frozen Synapse (pc) instead.

I love this game. How does XCOM 2 (on Xbox One) hold up? I’ve lost faith in Firaxis in recent years.