The XBOX One


Ooh. No objection from me!


That’s kind of cool. I always wondered what a game about a lawyer would be like.


I will totally double dip for this, I love the Phoenix Wright games.


I already double dipped on iOS. Don’t think I will again.


Oh wow, you like it enough that it’s your avatar.


Yeah, it’s a great series. But not great enough to buy it three times. I’d rather they localised Dai Gyakuten Saiban.


Plus don’t you already know the solutions? From that video it looks like you try to question the witnesses using a kind of inventory of evidence. So having played through it once, you probably already know what evidence will get a witness to throw their toupee at you. (Also in that video).


Was probably ten years ago or so I played them on the DS. Plus I have an amazing capacity for forgetting things.


Most of the games (and I think all of the ones in the trilogy) have two main gameplay modes. There’s an investigation phase, which is basically travelling place to place and pixel hunting for clues and talking to witnesses. Then there’s a trial phase, in which you cross examine witnesses and point out contradictions using the evidence you gathered in the investigation phase. But it’s totally linear. You can’t progress until you find the evidence it wants you to or point out the precise contradiction using the specific evidence it wants. As the series goes on, it gains a few more mechanisms, but really it’s not about the gameplay, which is very basic, it’s about the story and the wacky characters. It’s pretty much a visual novel with frills on.

So, anyway, yeah, it’s not super replayable.


Well hopefully that’s good news for someone.


Mouse and Keyboard support is coming to the XBox One Insider Preview in October.

It will all be controlled by the game’s devs (they decide whether it is allowed or not and how it affects matchmaking) and Phil Spencer says it will also allow devs to bring games that really play better with M+K to the One too.


I’m excited about the mouse and keyboard for strategy games like Stellaris, The Sims 4, and Surviving Mars.


I’ll never use it, but more options is always better.


Also, looks like October’s Games with Gold have been announced.

Edit: and here are the new games for Game Pass that Larry referenced:


From the linked article:

Cool, really looking forward to that and Forza Horizon 4, obviously. My GamePass expires on Oct 31st, so my time window on that is closing fast.

I need to finish in the next week, before Forza 4 comes out:
Skyforce Anniversary
Gears of War Ultimate
Quantum Break

Damn, I probably don’t have time. But I can do Gears and Quantum, both of which I’m enjoying. I’ve already put too many hours into Skyforce Anniversary. WRC 5 can wait until the next time I have GamePass.

On the GwG games: Woohoo! My patience in not biting on Overcooked sales finally paid off!


Hope mouse and keyboard support means we will see some hardcore strategy games on XBOX so I can ditch the PC completely.


You probably shouldn’t hold your breath. M/K support has been on PS4 since launch with no such upswing.


PS4 doesn’t stop developers supporting keyboard and mouse, true. They don’t actively encourage it though.

How these games will be marketed on Xbox is unclear. Will I see a feature flag in the store for games that offer keyboard and mouse? Will keyboard and mouse only games be permitted? Either of these will put support far beyond Sony basically ignoring it.

Several Paradox titles are out or coming on Xbox (Cities Skylines, Surivivng Mars, Stellaris). If keyboard and mouse only games are permitted on Xbox then it is reasonable to think any of the recent Grand Strategy games could be ported.

I’m hoping for patches to Xcom 2, The Sims 4, Railroad Tycoon, and a few others. Fingers crossed!


They articles mention that they’re hoping to put games that don’t traditionally work well on the Xbox out on that platform. Maybe more strategy and RTS stuff? I guess time will tell.


I wonder if they could port the Age of Empires games to Xbox?