The XBOX One


I don’t think they’ve said anything about k/m only games. The tweet above was talking about multiplayer matchmaking. I just wouldn’t expect much to come of this.


The point of the Xbox KB+M announcement yesterday is that it’s a platform announcement for developers, not really a consumer announcement quite yet.

What this means is that Xbox will have platform-level awareness and APIs that developers use which can specifically and accurately identify players using M+KB as distinct from people using a controller, enabling developers to have more precise control around which groups of people they want to allow or deny playing together.

Sure there might always be the odd person using unauthorized third-party components which fake the Xbox into thinking someone is using a controller but it’s actually just translating M+KB motions, but with proper M+KB support in the platform those people will be even fewer and far between.

I don’t know what PS4 does along these lines, if anything, but on Xbox at least it makes a lot of sense.


I haven’t been able to find anything online about this. Apparently Microsoft has pulled Xbox and Microsoft Store gift cards from their rewards portal online and in the Xbox rewards app. A message in the app says they will return.

I sure hope so as I have over 200,000 points waiting to be redeemed!


Well, they did run “out of stock” on them under the old Xbox Rewards program.

Which was horse puckey.


I’m having an infuriating bug where my console doesn’t recognize I have active GamePass subscription. The website confirms I’m paid till mid 2019. Console wants me to pay for a month now.

Googling suggests I remove my account from the box. Didn’t help. Any ideas?


Is it definitely requiring you to pay, or does it just look that way? My console is defaulting me to a page that asks me to join, but if I just scroll down I can still install and play games.


Details on Dolby Vision support for Xbox. Requires a TV firmware update. List of supported TVs linked in the article.


Great stuff. Looks like 2017-gen TVs and newer, at least so far, but still a good step forward.


To be clear, this isn’t a list of TVs which are adding Dolby Vision support. This is TVs with Dolby Vision support being patched to support Xbox’s implementation.

In other words, if your TV doesn’t support Dolby Vision today it is unlikely to do so.


Can’t say I ever use the media streaming apps on my Xbone, so I hope it applies to the BluRay as well.


Yeah I guess it’s just that stupid page


When is this out? It says update 1810 and I have 1806, but the article didn’t mention any date of availability as far as I could see.


It’s rolling out now to Omega ring customers. Those are people who have opted in to the test builds but only opted for the final builds only. You just get them before other users.

Should be out over the next few weeks for everyone.


Yeah, I was just highlighting that Xbox’s implementation only goes back to 2017 TVs so far - first Dolbyvision support for TVs was likely a couple of years earlier (at least with firmware updates for 2015 models; many good 2016 models had DV)


You can tell from the version number. It’s the year and month. So 1806 was released in June. 1810 should be released sometime in October. (Though I think a release or two might have slipped a bit into the next month when testing has shown it still needed some tweaks.)


Ah, that makes sense. Thanks.


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Looks like Wired got an inside scoop, not just rewording the blog post.


If by scoop you mean puff piece, then yes.