The XBOX One


My last line should be… “but you’re paying for it… temporarily” since once you stop the sub, it all goes poof! PS Plus is no different of course.

Nothing is truly “Free” except when Humble and GoG give away games.


Well, the nice thing is that 360 games they’re giving away even now are yours to keep, and they’re backwards compatible too. So even if end my Gold Sub, those don’t go poof like my PS+ games did.



I pity the fool who plays the original Crysis game on a console.


I played Crysis 3 on the 360, the beginning 2 or 3 hours of it. It’s really boring. It’s one of those rare games that actually makes using a bow boring. There’s no satisfaction in the mechanics of it. I don’t know how they did that, it’s actually quite a game design feat, I think, because I nearly always love using a bow in a first person shooter, so I think the way they designed the bow in Crysis 3 is something special you don’t normally see in other games. (In a bad way).


I accept your pity.



Also head up, five games leaving Game Pass at end of month:

Bummed about Sky Force Anniversary, been meaning to play that.


Good game. Start now and you’ll get your fill by the time it’s gone.


I’ve been playing the hell out of Skyforce Anniversary over the last two months.

I bought Skyforce Reloaded, since I wanted to reward the developers for putting these games on Game Pass, and I wanted to keep one of them. And then once I owned that one, I played Skyforce Anniversary every free moment.

I wonder if it’s possible to get the 100 medals achievement before the end of the month? I believe I have 78 medals currently. 22 medals wasn’t that much at the beginning of the game, but each medal is pretty hard to get at this point.


Also I can’t believe nobody made the “I guess Xbox One can play Crysis” joke!


I finally have some time to play Divinity 2 after a couple weeks, but I can’t, because of this bullshit.

Not to worry! I can’t use the shit I paid for, but not to worry!


If you are playing on your “home” or “primary” console you should be able to play those games without a problem - even offline.


Unless it’s the first time you are playing it IIRC. There’s some validation that needs to happen when that “just getting your game ready” screen pops up.


Surprise Thursday update! No, not new back compat games but just as good!


Looks like Conan Exiles and Halo Wars 2 are free to play this weekend.



Deals with Gold this week has Alien Isolation for $9, if anyone’s looking for a good Halloween game. It doesn’t go on sale often…


Lots of horror games on sale this week, but yeah Alien Isolation is definitely worth trying out.


I saw the sale and was hoping for The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, but no dice. Of course it is only $20 regular price, so not that much. Hmm.