The XBOX One


If you want all the Battlefield 1 DLC for free (well, whatever is in the season pass anyway), you can get it at the link above. Just in time for the XBL Gold giveaway.


Wow, great month for GwG. Well, except for Race the Sun. I didn’t care for that at all. But I’m looking forward to Dante’s Inferno and finishing my Battlefield 1 campaigns. And maybe try some multiplayer, since that Premium pass is free.


See I looked at that and went “Ugh, Dante’s Inferno?” But that’s cool if folks are looking forward to it. I just remember all the weird marketing for that game turning me off.


Yeah, the marketing was weird. I had a good time with the rental at the time. It’s a decent God of War clone. Hopefully I still have that save game.



Yeah it was only interesting for an hour or so, then the goals became almost impossible and it started to feel like work.


Is the first Just Cause any good? Seems like folks never talk about it, it’s just how awesome Just Cause 2 is, or how much JC3 sucks.


I remember playing the demo and not liking it enough to buy the game.


Done (though I did grab it from the first post in Major Nelson’s tweet)!


Any of those Castlevania games any good?


Only one I’ve played was the first Lords if Shadow and I thought it was pretty good. Unfortunately doesn’t look like this is available as a digital download, at least not yet.


I liked it enough to do 1000/1000 achievements back in the 360 heyday, but it’s very much a product of its time. If you don’t mind the old-school open world model, give it a try. Unlike JC2, I never had the “what am I supposed to do now” problem.



1 is better (and takes castlevania story from nonsense to something meaninful) than 2 (without spoiling is good but jarring)

2 is slightly better than 1 and has some interesting new mechanics.

Both are amazing, haunting, best score for a game (or a medium) in a long time.

Overall play them both. Totally worth your time. Challenging, beautiful, epic and did mention the music F’ing fantastic, let me mention it again. Go buy the soundtracks.


Cool, I will give one of them a try at some point, thanks.


I don’t really have time for EA Access yet this year. But in case someone does, courtesy of CAG:

EA Access 12 Month Subscription (X1) Code $24.99 via Newegg w/ Code: EMCEEPR62.



Anyone else pick up For Honor last month with Games with Gold? It takes a bit to learn the mechanics, but after going through the apprentice tutorial and a bit of the advanced tutorial, I’ve hopped into a couple of 4v4 Breach games over the past few days and had a pretty good time. would be interested in trying with some other Qt3’ers if possible…


I got it free with my last graphics card. Not my kind of game.


Do I misremember or is For Honor multiplayer only, just more or less duels between players? I picked up my free copy but it doesn’t sound like my kind of thing.


There’s also a single-player story mode, which can be played co-op. You can also do MP with bots (actually recommended as training). There’s also a “new” Arcade mode, but I haven’t looked into it.