The XBOX One


I get an error right now if I try to play any games I own. Anyone else?

Video apps like TV, Netflix and Youtube are working fine though. Only games seem to be down.



That happens too often for comfort. Selling digital-only content implies the competency to ensure consistent access. So “oops” doesn’t cut it after the third or fourth time.


Yeah, it’s ridiculous. I should be able to play the digital game I bought on my home Xbox at all times, whether or not there’s something wrong with the network.


FYI, PUBG is free for a limited time on XBOX.

Here’s some extra words so Discourse doesn’t find my post too similar to what I cross-posted in the Bargain Thread. Wumpus, you tyrant (shakes fist).


Player base must be sinking fast against Fortnite and Blackout for them to do this.


It’s their own damn fault. Game runs like crap, and they didn’t even begin to address that until it was too late.

And Fortnite’s cartoon-style is a lot more family-friendly.

You know the war is lost when Ninja is showing up on Ellen.


Oh get over yourselves, it’s a god damn free weekend like dozens of other games have had. PES2019 is also free to play this weekend btw.


Actually Kotaku is saying this may be a permanent copy? Worth downloading to find out, I figure.


Great games unlocked for a limited time.

Some customers may be able to begin downloading these awesome offers today, but they are only playable with full functionality and available from November 8-11 (US Pacific Time), so alert your friends, log on your Xbox One and get in on the action now and the entire weekend.*


Whoops, I said Kotaku, but I should have said Ars Technica. I have no idea what’s going on, just that they mention it may be permanent. They may be full of crap.


I just think the initial wording was a tad confusing (I noticed it first from Wario64 on twitter), but the link from MN seems crystal clear.


Yes, I would think Major Nelson would be the last word on that. I downloaded it anyway just because, why not?




Pretty exciting, but bummed that the Razer stuff was still only teased for CES instead of shown today.


Final Fantasy 13 and it’s two sequels will be backwards compatible on Xbox One starting November 13th.

They also announced a bunch of games joining Game Pass, like PUBG on Monday. Hellblade comes in December.

Some upcoming indie games were announced coming to Game Pass at launch: Aftercharge, Supermarket Shriek, Mutant Year Zero, Pathologic 2, The Good Life, Void Bastards, and Secret Neighbor. I’ve heard of Mutant Year Zero! That’s the one that looks like the XCOM reboot but with animals.


Additionally, Civilization Revolution will get a 4K upgrade. Kind of an odd choice, but I’ll take what I can get I suppose.


That is awesome. I only put about two hours into XIII-2 and thought it was much better than the first game. And have an unopened Lightning Returns. May even attempt to play the first game again. Maybe.


Also official now that Obsidian and Inxile were both bought.


YES! Isn’t MYZ coming out soon? Maybe I won’t be canceling my game pass after all? And Void Bastards looks hilarious and awesome. Happy to hear it’s coming to the Xbone- that was my first thought on seeing the trailer in the other thread here.

I love CivRev. Is that a back compat upgrade, or a new native version?