The XBOX One

Correct. For some reason we don’t get any discounts on that stuff here.

Fun video about Xbox’s E3 press conference with behind the scenes stuff. Allot of its PR but still interesting showing how much goes into putting a single 1 1/2 show on.

Here’s some potentially worrying info - Bethesda may have pulled the 360 versions of Doom and Doom 2 in favor of the re-releases they put out for Xbox One, PS4 and Switch today. Which is to say that if you don’t have either currently installed, they will no longer be on your Ready to Install tab even if you own a copy. I own (or should say owned) both, but only had the original Doom installed and seem to have lost my copy of Doom 2. I am hoping this was a glitch and it will get sorted out, because this would be some seriously shitty behavior if it was intentional.

Looks like Ars Technica has noticed too:

Can confirm on my main system, although I’m pretty sure I’ve got both on a hard drive in another room. And it’s not like they pulled them from their customers in favor of a license for the new native versions, either.

Dick move, if permanent.

I don’t understand in what universe xcloud will turn out well when I can’t even stream my XB1X to my desktop without massive artifacting and incorrect colors just navigating the home screen. For reference my desktop and XB1X are ~10 feet apart, both hard wired into a switch in between them.

Also steam in home streaming and Moonlight both work perfectly well, both wired into the same switch and on wifi. Xbox streaming is just doing something fundamentally wrong.

IGN is reporting that this whole thing was a mistake and Bethesda is fixing -

That’s good news. Especially because I don’t remember if I owned Doom II on the 360 or not. I fired up one of my 360s to find out and had to download about 5 updates, and then went under download history and about half of it said something like “Content no longer valid” or something to that effect. So I can’t tell if Doom II was part of that or not.

Also, I went into the Xbox One dashboard and looked up the achievements for the Doom games, and it looks like they just ported over the same achievements that the 360 games had, but multiplied by 5 to make 1000 points instead of 200. So it’s the same 11 or 12 achievements, which is a shame.

Bit of a crappy selection if you already have Game Pass.

Holy shit, I almost bought Forza 6 so many times! Yessssss! Patience pays off again.

Gears 4, I own already thanks to getting it as a birthday present a couple of years ago from my brother. And yeah, also through Game Pass, I suppose. I’ll play it one day when I get through Gears 2 and 3.

I didn’t know Torchlight was backwards compatible. But with Grim Dawn available, I doubt I’ll go back to that game.

I’d skip those and just play 4. It looks amazing, especially if you have a 4K HDR set. And I think it plays better than 2 and 3 too, though I’m not your typical Gears gamer, so don’t take my word for that.

On the one hand, those are great games. On the other hand, they’re so great I already bought them. Sigh.

For some reason MS hasn’t put up past Forza titles on Gamepass.


Several months ago they had to delist Forza Horizon 2 from the Xbox store, because the licences were expiring.

I noticed the Games With Gold sales this week include a game called Darkwood that looks pretty cool.

I’ve never heard of a top down perspective horror game before. I thought it would be right in @tomchick’s wheelhouse, and sure enough, he has streamed the game. I’ll have to track down his stream to see if he enjoyed it.

The other game on sale this week that caught my eye is Infinite Minigolf from Zen Studios. I didn’t know Zen Studios had made a minigolf game. It’s on sale for $6 and looks like fun, with a full level editor that allows for infinite courses apparently.

My Xbox inexplicably stopped responding last night. No problem, I’ll just long-press the power button and reboot.

Hmmmm, it kept staying on the bootup screen forever.

So then I just switched it off. It felt a little hot. After an hour, I turned it on again, and it asked me if I wanted to troubleshoot or just reboot. I chose reboot, but then regretted that decision when it kept going in the bootup animation where it’s just showing a green background with the Xbox One symbol. Oops, should have picked troubleshoot.

I tried switching off and rebooting in many combinations, but it never showed me that option again, it would just boot up and show me that green screen forever.

So finally I looked up on the internet how to get the troubleshooting option back.

Apparently the Xbox One has it’s own version of the three fingered salute. But unlike control-Alt-Delete, this is really hard to do! You have to press the controller sync button down, and the eject button, and then hold down the power button as well. Those are far enough apart that I need 3 hands. It’s a 3 fingered salute designed for the aliens from A Mote in God’s Eye.

Anyway, I managed to use my left hand’s finger on the sync button and the thumb barely reached the eject button, that way I could use my right hand on the power button.

Once I had the troubleshoot options, I chose to reset the Xbox while keeping my games and apps, like last time. And it worked, the Xbox works fine again.

That’s twice now. It’s a little worrisome. I wonder if a hard drive is failing?

I’d be worried. Are you having any trouble with the games too?

My old blue one started having hard drive problems. Some games would crash on start up. Forza 7 there were two tracks I could no longer load into. I would also get “An error has occured” notifications while partially downloading some games, with more than enough free space. It kept happening each time I tried to download them, at the same spot, but others would download fine.

No trouble with games so far. The first time I started having problems, it was a lot of problems with Plex and LiveTV, those would crash a lot or refuse to load up. Sometimes Youtube would refuse to start. But games would be fine. After I factory reset the first time thanks to this thread, all those problems went away, and I had no problems until suddenly last night.

I just want to last until the Xbox 2 comes out. I really don’t want to replace this machine at this point. I only need to last another 15 months or so. This Xbox has done well for me for the last 6 years. Come on little guy.

I toyed with the idea last night, when I was staring at the never-ending green screen, if I had to buy a new console, should I buy a Switch instead? Unfortunately a Switch would not do 90% of what I use the Xbox for. You can’t watch Live TV off the antenna, I don’t know if you can watch Youtube or if it has a Plex app on it, or if it has good smooth apps for Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access, etc.

The One X has come down on price enough at times that it would be the obvious choice. It would also easily keep you happy past the immediate release of the next Xbox and allow you to wait for more games that take full advantage and maybe a price drop.

The One X is awesome.