The XBOX One

Yea MS seems to have given up on any more effort into Games with Gold.

Yeah, last month’s WRC 8 was a great giveaway again, but this month’s will be abysmal. Hopefully September will redeem them. Give us Skate 3 maybe. I’d love to try that out.

A great big why bother from my perspective. “Here, have some multiplayer crap that didn’t sell and some stuff somebody got in a bankruptcy sale.”

Well, considering you can no longer buy a one year subscription to Live Gold, the whole thing may be on its way out.

I guess it does seem redundant now that there’s Game Pass. But what about the multiplayer part of it? For someone who isn’t part of Ultimate Game Pass, I wonder if they’ll make online play free, finally?

It seems fairly obvious to me that they’re going to roll everything up into the Ultimate subscription since they can charge $15/mo for that, and people will pay it because they want to play online.

Yeah, I think they’re just driving up the annual price of Gold to get more people to subscribe to Ultimate.

There’s speculation they’re going the opposite direction. Make Xbox multiplayer free to match the PC. Then GamePass Ultimate is simply xCloud plus the game library on PC and Xbox.

For some reason, Psychonauts appears to be available for free from the MS website right now. I’m posting this in the Xbox One thread because it is backward compatible on that system and everyone should play it.

I’m surprised we’re not getting a Forza Horizon 3 GWG. Usually one of them every august before delisting.

Huh I though even the console only version of Gamepass gave Gold as a part of it. Does seem like they really just want people to go Ultimate sub.

Thanks for the heads up. I could just dig out my OG Xbox disk, but why bother? Part of my library now.

$10 when I checked it. Although probably worth it, the PS4 version is a poorly-emulated PS2 downsample of the original XBox game, and is absolute crap and a ripoff at the $3 I paid for it. Barely playable.

Were you logged with a live account? Showed as free for me.

Nope, checked again. Wonder if there’s some prerequisite I don’t have. Ah well, I still have the disk…

Apparently it was a pricing error.

The headline is clickbaity, but I thought the talk about how the culture at Xbox has changed was interesting.

It should be on XGP anyway, as a commercial for P2.

Yeah, I mean I guess Microsoft owns Psychonauts now so they could do that? Maybe when it gets a bit closer to the sequel’s release they’ll do that.

I would be willing to bet that that’s the plan. Best way to entice gamers who never knew about the first game to check it out and advertise the second game close to release.