The XBOX One

Rare has made a superb game very recently.

I don’t have any nostalgia for Battletoads, but I’ll give it a whirl.

Also I think Rare was only “supervising” development, Dlala is apparently the developer. Not that Rare’s involvement would’ve been make or break for me on this project.

Not a great month but not too bad, in my opinion. I think The Division is pretty great, but I think it’s been on Game Pass twice and I don’t know if anyone even plays it anymore. I love seeing OG Xbox stuff, and Armed and Dangerous was a pretty fun (and funny) game.

Nice. Definitely better than last month’s selection.

I probably won’t play The Division or De Blob 2. But Unwritten Tales 2 looks amusing enough. And I always enjoyed the humor from the studio that did Giants: Citizen Kabuto, so I’m looking forward to finally trying Armed and Dangerous.

Surprisingly no Forza Horizon 3.

Hope the rest of you consider buying that before it’s delisted. It’s great.

Nothing for me this month, but I might fire up Armed & Dangerous sometime. There’s also a couple new “gamepass perks” - free DLC for Gems of War & Overcooked 2.

Not on Games with Gold, but it’s currently discounted to $20.99 for the Ultimate version with all of the cars (but not the add-ons), $9.89 for the base game. So it’s a light investment if you might play even a little. :) I think it’s 9/27 that it’s delisted from purchase.

Note that the ultimate edition of FH3 does not include the DLC season pass, that’s separately on sale. I’d hate to see anyone think they grabbed it before de-listing and be disappointed.

I have the base game and the Expansion Pass. I couldn’t find like a cheap sale item that will give me the rest of the content for cheap. Is there anything like that?

CDkeys usually has stuff like that, but I haven’t looked for FH3 stuff specifically.

Thanks for the clarification, @RickH. I forgot the Ultimate ed only has all the cars, not the add-ons.

Huh. The expansion pass is 70% off, but the car pass is still $29.99. Looks like it’d be cheapest to just buy Ultimate to get the Car Pass.

The latest update to Xbox One last week is a revelation. Everything is so zippy and fast now. Not just the dashboard, but everything in the microsoft store as well. The search menu, “buying” games (even when they are Gold, or Game Pass). It kind of makes me mad. Why couldn’t it have been like this from the beginning? Now they make things fast? Now?!?! At the end of the freaking generation?

I noticed something funny the other day, and I realize this may very well not interest anybody but me but, I hope you’ll bear with me. So - we get a couple of games every month as part of the Games with Gold subscription, right? And we all know that the Xbox One games are essentially a license, and that as long as we maintain membership we can play these games, much like Game Pass games can only be played so long as you’re a subscribing member. But if the game we receive is either an original Xbox or an Xbox 360 game, they’re given right out. I believe they said it wasn’t possible to give a license for those games, so they just allow you to keep the game, even if you revoke your Live Gold membership.

So that’s the background. You may have noticed that one of this month’s Games with Gold is Armed and Dangerous, and it’s an original Xbox game. What’s interesting about this (again, maybe just to me) is that when I took the game from the marketplace, it doesn’t show up in my Owned games list, but is on my Games with Gold list. Prior to this, the only games that showed up on my Games with Gold list were Xbox One games, and the others show up on my Owned Games list, for the reason listed above. Also, if I go to the marketplace and search Armed and Dangerous, I see that I can install the game, but I can also Buy to Own for $9.99, like the Xbox One games I get from Games with Gold.

So - apparently something changed, and they’re now able to give licenses to original Xbox and 360 games, and not just give the games outright. But! There is a way around this, I verified it works. This reddit link says if you go to the Xbox Marketplace on your PC, you can add and ‘buy’ the game and it will cost nothing if you’re a Live Gold member, but you’ll have the game shown as owned. If that sort of thing matters to you.


Heck yeah it matters to me. Ownership vs temporary rental matters a lot. Granted, it’s not as relevant as it is on PS+, since I don’t use that service much, so it’s rare when I have my game rental collection access. I haven’t not been a Gold member yet since I first got a copy of Mechassault with Xbox Live.

But it could happen.

Matters to me too. Thanks mr dive.