The Xbox One's March 2017 Update adds and removes features in a snap

Goodbye Snap! We hardly knew ye!

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For those asking about TV multitasking:

Rock8man is going to be very upset.

Beam is interesting. I tried it one time just to see how it worked but I’m not a streamer. Watched a few streams too but it seems lacking in content - guess Twitch is still reigning king in the area.

Maybe a dumb question, but is it possible to stream over multiple services simultaneously, like do YouTube, twitch and beam at the same time, get maximum coverage (and presumably maximum bucks)?

It’s almost as if Telefrog wrote that whole post to thumb my nose in it.

Still, as I wrote in the other Xbox One thread, I’m not too upset because this update makes the Xbox One more like 360 circa 2007 onward, and it’s a lot faster, and things are easier to access now. I will miss Snap, but at least they brought back a lot of features from the 360 that I missed. It really should have been more like this since launch.

I like the background on that dashboard a lot. Does anyone know which game that’s from? I’m always looking for good backgrounds for my dashboard. Usually I use Achievement art as background. Elite: Dangerous has some great science fiction ones, and Forza games have some great car porn backgrounds. Both look good.

This one looks like it might be from an open world game.

Can you use screenshots as backgrounds too? I always just used Achievement art.

I use screenshots for my background so I’m gonna assume I’m not special and it is possible.

Software has the capability for a casual streamer but from what I’ve heard the monetization contracts (at least for Twitch) demand exclusivity.

Nice. What game is your current background from?

Most screenshots I take usually involve beautiful sunsets and such. Those are nice screenshots, but maybe don’t make the best backgrounds, since color contrast like that is not conducive to a good dashboard.

A cave from Rise of the Tomb Raider. That game had some gorgeous visuals.

The one in the video? Looks like Red Dead Redemption.

I use Restream so that when I stream it’s on multiple services so I’ll get to see how Beam works with the others. Think the ones I actively stream are Hitbox, Twitch, Youtube and Beam

This update also fixes some blu-ray playback issues, namely it lets you stream the audio out over HDMI to get the “fancy” super high bandwidth multi-channel sounds like Dolby Atmos and all that.

The Beam streaming feature is pretty damn slick. I don’t know if it has a chance in Hell of unseating Twitch, but the tech works really well.