The XFL returns in 2020

I never considered an alternative to the onside kick, but I kind of like that. Similar risk but one with interesting options for pulling it off vs hoping for a lucky bounce.

So only one foot in bpunds counts? Ad it is still flag football touching the QB?

Given that kickoffs keep getting changed because it is a dangerous play, that makes a lot of sense.

XFL also does regular kickoffs differently – although they’ve done this since at least the 2.0 XFL a couple of years ago.

The kicker kicks off from a tee at his team’s 30 yard line. The return man for the receiving team is deep.

The 10 blockers for the receiving team stand at their own 30 yard line. The 10 tacklers for the kicking team stand five yards away from them, at the receiving team’s 35. No one can move until the receiving team touches the football, or until the ball has been on the ground for 3 seconds untouched. Lots more kickoff returns, hopefully less dangerous to the players.

The XFL is now somewhat affiliated with the NFL so expect a lot of rules changes to be attempted there first much like MLB has been using MiLB teams to test stuff.

Good luck!

I didn’t even realize either existed lol.

Hopefully together they can produce a viable product that survives.