The Xtacles - Frisky Dingo spinoff

Anyone catch the Frisky Dingo spinoff, The Xtacles? Classic Sealab, Frisky Dingo humor based around Xander Crews’ Xtacles.

From the Bon Jovi friday to statue raping the first two episodes have delivered the Boosh!!!

Anyone know how far into season production the show is in or word of when any more episodes will air? I didn’t see anything listed on the Adult Swim schedule page.


Damn it, I missed it.

And now I’m really pissed I missed it. I just learned that 70/30, the company that made Sealab, Frisky Dingo and Xtacles closed their doors after AS didn’t pick up the Xtacles.

God dammit, [as].

Don’t worry, it sucked. Dirt-cheap animation like this lives on its characters, and the characterization for Xtacles could pretty much be summed up as, “Everybody is at all times a complete idiot”.

Thank god for The Drinky Crow Show.