The "Zachary Levi" Chuck as Captain Marvel? Shazam!

There’s a rumor going around that at some point Dwayne Johnson will be playing Shazam in an upcoming motion picture. Shazam was formerly called Captain Marvel, because that was his name, but people were confused because Captain Marvel kept shouting Shazam while other Captains Marvel, heroes mighty and numerous enough to name a comic book publisher after, did not. Shazam assumes the power of several Judeo-Greco-Roman mythological men when he cries out the name of a creepy older man. Since the main character is a young boy who suddenly has the power to punch out bad guys, it is the best argument against the theory that comic books are merely adolescent power fantasies: Captain Marvel is a pre-adolescent power fantasy.

I anticipate watching Dwayne Johnson playing a goofy kid who, like Tom Hanks before him, becomes Big (and can fly, etc.).

Edit: fine, I changed the thread title to more accurately reflect reality.

I have to say that he looks the part. I wonder who they’d get to play Billy Batson.

I fear that someone in Hollywood might read this of all my genius posts, but i’m seeing Justin Beiber getting tapped for this role.

For a second I thought “Wasn’t that also the name of the Shaq-genie movie?” But that was Kazaam, so I guess in my mind Shaq + Kazaam = Shazam.

The Rock’s huge-but-friendly demeanor and toothy smile remind me slightly of Shaq, now that I think of it. Same vibe.

This can only end in Tom’s tears.

So they’ve actually renamed the character now? Last account I had he was still Captain Marvel but his comic was titled Shazam to avoid confusion. Not a fan of renaming the character, in part because I like his supporting cast and Mary Shazam just doesn’t sound right (to say nothing of Shazam, Jr., Uncle Shazam, Hoppy the Shazam Bunny, and so forth).

Of joy! You guys seem to think I haven’t seen – and enjoyed – The Tooth Fairy.


You know, Johnson has absolutely the right physicality to play Black Adam, also a member of the Marvel family, and one of the best villains in the DC universe. Do you know that he’s been cast as Batson?

Well played. Now I have to see The Tooth Fairy to see if you’re serious. Dammit.

100% serious. Check out the supporting cast in that movie if you don’t believe me!


I was only roughly 24 hours difference from working out at my local gym with Mr. Johnson. So sad. (He’s in town filming San Andreas.)

— Alan

Jiminy cricket, he’s right! Um… Queued up accordingly?

Definitely agree that The Rock would be a much better Black Adam than Captain Marvel. Like, that’s a great casting right there.

I’m curious why? Black Adam and Captain Marvel are almost identical beyond the costume color difference.

Well, Black Adam is some kind of ancient Egyptian, I think. The Rock is vaguely ethnic, in some way. Based purely on physical resemblance, yeah, The Rock looks more like Black Adam than Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel looks Patrick Warburton (although a lot of that is probably down to Alex Ross’s version of Captain Marvel, because everyone Alex Ross draws sorta looks like Patrick Warburton).

And the Rock is vaguely threatening by default, I always thought, which is Black Adam all over. Marvel is supposed to have a childlike naivete. Not to say he can’t pull it off, but I would think Adam would be an easier sell.

I hadn’t ever thought of it before, but Warburton as Captain Marvel would be amazing. However, I’m not opposed to the Rock…I think he can be goofy and easygoing just fine.

I just mentioned it elsewhere, but check out Southland Tales sometime for a different version of the Rock than you normally see; his amnesiac self is timid, shy, and very uncertain, and he pulls it off about as well as can be expected for what’s otherwise a thoroughly weird/terrible/awesome movie. He’s got a little more range than I think people give him credit for.

Johnson confirms:

Confirms that he’s playing Black Adam? Awesome.