The "Zachary Levi" Chuck as Captain Marvel? Shazam!


Hmmm…Black Adam? I like. I hope DC is finally getting their movie house in order. Adding that character to their film pantheon is definitely a step in the right direction.


Sources at DC say The Rock wasn’t gritty and dark enough to play Shazam.

(I kid, but it’s going to take a lot more than this for me to get optimistic about their movie plans)


This, a lot.


I wasn’t aware of this, but apparently this is being produced under New Line, not WB. They’re still owned by Time Warner, but it has people speculating it might not be connected to the other DC movies in the works, or that they haven’t actually decided yet. So who knows how this will turn out?


Yeah, they made a statement that this was independent of their other movie universe plans. Charitably, that may open the door to hope that this will be a lighter take than the Nolan-verse.


It fucking better be. The attempts in the comics to reconcile Captain Marvel with a grimdark tone have failed even more spectacularly than the rest of DC’s faux-mature retooling. Anyone attempting to add grit and realism to a Captain Marvel story needs to be reassigned to work on something else immediately.


In most instances, I’d agree with that statement, but I think a skilled writer can navigate those waters. Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come is a pretty grim story, and makes excellent use of Captain Marvel. He fights on a plane with the other metahumans in life-or-death terms, and Billy’s innocence is recast as a kind of willfull naivete that allows him to participate without losing his sense of self.

Usually the punching part of comic books leaves me flat, but his fight with Superman in that book is one of the greatest comic bouts I have ever read.


Yeah, Kingdom Come made pretty good use of him (although I’m not a huge fan of the series overall) and the similar situation in JLU where he fought Superman as Luthor’s patsy was also quite good. But if he’s going to be the lead in the story you need to make the story’s tone conform to the character’s, not vice versa.


Here’s an odd thing.

The Shazam movie with Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam is being split into two movies. There will be a Black Adam movie then a Shazam movie.

As the studio began to figure out the movie, they realized, why not a twin bill? [/quote]


DC is bonkers. I’ll still be surprised if we even get one movie out of this.


[quote=“WhollySchmidt, post:15, topic:75226, full:true”](although a lot of that is probably down to Alex Ross’s version of Captain Marvel, because everyone Alex Ross draws sorta looks like Patrick Warburton).

I forgot I wrote this. Good job me two years ago!


What is DC/Warner even doing?

Shazam! confirmed! Yay!

But wait…



I’ve lost track. JL is due out this year. Aquaman is in production. Batman is delayed, Flash is delayed, so if Shazam is the next movie to shoot, does that mean Aquaman is the only DC movie hitting theaters in 2018? What am I forgetting?


This thread title is almost completely inaccurate now. I could try changing it to “Shazam! Property May Become A Movie, The Rock Was Once Attached To The Project”.


Huh. Didn’t expect that casting at all.


So guess this means he is practically a “Rock Clone”…


I’m still surprised to see any casting.


I didn’t realize New Line had this one instead of it being a straight WB studio joint.


So Shazam is a real comic book character? I thought it was a fictional movie people thought existed:


I thought Captain Marvel was a woman, assumed from the thread title that he had changed over the years,I finally clicked into the thread and found that Captain Marvel Shazam is some dorky looking DC Comics hero from the 30s I’ve never heard of until today. He still dresses like a Buster Crabbe serial? Even the other old men of comics got to change fashion style over the years.