The "Zachary Levi" Chuck as Captain Marvel? Shazam!


Eww, really? Slim Shady? Movie could certainly still be fun, just not a fan of that trailer.


When he jumped into the side of the building at the end I laughed my ass off. But, that’s probably the funniest moment in the whole movie.


Second trailer even better than the first. A shame this movie’s thread is still stuck with the outdated title.


Everything is better with Dwayne Johnson in it… even an utterly false title.


Jeez, you guys are demanding. Thread title is updated.

Never saw Chuck but I thought Zachary Levi was a real catch in the second season of “Mrs. Maisel”.


I’m so sad when one of our illustrious nonsense thread titles gets updated to appease the bland, straightforward masses. I hope you’re all happy with what you’ve done here today.



I’d take a Greatest American Hero movie any day, but this will do.


This looks like a lot of fun. Between the excellent DCU live action shows and this, maybe DC has righted the ship.


The live action shows preceded the movies by quite a bit. And they’re also not ‘excellent’ – more like only slightly below average. But the move away from a shared universe is definitely the right one. Let characters develop on their own.


I’m referring to Titans and Doom Patrol on DC Universe not the network stuff. Sorry “DCU” was ambiguous.


Oh. No idea what those are.


DC Universe exclusive shows getting very good buzz. In fact, I signed up for the app trail to watch some of them, and then quickly realized my son is too busy to watch with me this week and I don’t want to watch without him since he said he also wants to watch. So, I have no other opinion on them, other than I read Doom Patrol in particular is awesome (and the third season of Young Justice is on this same service, and I’m NOT missing that resurrection).


This is kind of an interesting version of this. The comic Captain Marvel is often portrayed as kind of impossibly naive, given his golden age roots. Like, even moreso than Superman, and that’s saying something. Updating him to be a relatively normal modern teen, but keeping some of the goofy sensibility is a fine choice, I guess, but its not the version of the character I’m used to.


I would have also accepted “Captain Chuck! SHAZAM!”


It’s interesting how thorough a job this trailer does, without being distractingly obvious about it, that Billy Batson and Shazam are the same person, and how he switches back and forth. I can see the marketing department being terrified that people who aren’t familiar with the character wouldn’t get that. Everything from repeating the “say my name” line, to including the adult version of himself saying that he’s ~15 years old.


I actually got a little thrown off by the way they shot/presented it, as my vague recollection of reading a Wikipedia page about Shazam 5 years ago was that the kid transformed into the superhero, but the trailer made it seem like they stayed separate.

[insert Zylon insinuating I am dumb for not picking up on the obvious implications of the trailer and thus getting confused by that]

There, saved ya some typing :)


Err… the kid with Shazam is not the kid who plays Billy Batson (Asher Angel), it’s Jack Dylan Grazer who plays Frederick Freeman - his disabled foster brother (and superhero enthusiast).

Check the first trailer, it’s more obvious there.


Well now I’m just more confused.


The two kids do look pretty similar in the quick cuts of the trailer-pale white kids about the same age, all bundled in up winter coats and knit caps. It’s pretty easy to see how someone might think that’s just one kid.

But that second, most recent trailer, shows pretty clearly early on the one kid jumping off a building, getting hit by lightning and transforming into the big red guy. I mean, he’s a little obscured by smoke after the lightning strike and there’s still a quick cut to another angle that may be from another scene before you see the big red guy landing, but it definitely seems like those two shots are there to clearly establish a child is turning into the caped-Chuck.


The only reason I’ve even heard of DC Universe is because of Qt3. I’ve never seen any news about it on my news feed or anything, or seen it mentioned by people on the Daily show, or Colbert, or anything like that. Or seen any kind of advertising for it. Maybe it’s a stealth launch, or maybe they’re targetting their advertising at places where I don’t get to see it or hear about it.

But hey, now I know they have shows exclusive to it, and that they’re getting good buzz!