The zompocalypse

Which of the Zombie shooters do you prefer?

Of all the zombie shooters, I prefer the Peashooter.

Left 4 Dead is the best one unfortunately.

Plants Vs. Zombies

I think now that the SDK is out Left 4 Dead will become far more popular than Killing Floor, despite KF’s increased co-op player limit and more varied weaponry. A combination of the two would be nice…

It all depends on how quickly Tripwire can polish KF up. There’s definitely some moar players goodness in KF, but jeebus christ those maps are terrible.

Based on playtime, Dead Rising.

Plants vs Zombies

PvZ is not a shooter.

Looked to me like those plants shot stuff…how is that not shooting.

The units in age of empires shoot arrows at each other, how is that game not a shooter?

The poll doesn’t specify shooters.


The OP does. So I can understand some confusion when trying to answer, but not when replying.

I haven’t actually played any of those aside from L4D.

PC-centric poll is PC-centric.


FAIL on several levels.

My vote is PvZ as well.

You can say the poll is fail for not being about all zombie games, but it’s pretty clear by the options he provided and the OP that he was specifically talking about FPS zombie games. Make your own poll that encompasses all zombie games if you want to vote for PvZ.

I’m playing a ton of KF, but it doesn’t have late night versus mode with the Qt3 L4D steamgroup.

Left 4 Dead all the way!

Then again, I haven’t actually played any of the others, so I’m not really qualified to vote…

…but I totally still did!