Thea 2: The Shattering

First DLC Aug 1, smallish in scope, with a focus on village events and rituals. I think that’s fantastic, as those are the 2 areas I’ve most felt are lacking. (edit: should maybe mention that all DLCs that contain game content are apparently going to be free. So this will be free. I’m also hoping there’ll be a paid expansion at some point so I have more things to throw money at.)

It’s reached the point where if I have only a few people (and probably shouldn’t have settled yet) I hope to get thieves in my village early on after settling and then I just don’t go clear them out. They didn’t get anything good and I don’t think the event will trigger again until you’ve dealt with them and there are few enough village events that that one hits me 6-12 times a game.

If I have enough people to be running a scout around then obviously I take care of them. Gimme that xp!

GOG is now updated. We are playing our first three person game. I feel like we’ll be lucky to get 30 turns done this entire night. Hah. We’ll see how this goes.

Awesome! Do you have a link for more info?

I’m putzing around with the demo. I played Thea 1 a long time ago, but I feel pretty lost in this.

I got an event that has a combat option and an intelligence option. I looked at my party and the largest intelligence someone has is a 6. How do I know if that is good or bad for an intelligence event? Thanks.

Unfortunately the info came from their newsletter which I already deleted and I can’t find a link for a copy of it. The only other thing I remember is new human classes, which I believe was coming in this DLC (they were also talking about the next DLC slightly in the discord so hopefully I haven’t mixed up info, but I think that was just a “planned for late fall” statement).

I think the only way is trial and error. Fortunately the game lets you progress overall pretty quickly even via losses (as long as they weren’t so quick you accomplished nothing of significance).

An intelligence of 6 for a high is not great for a yellow challenge, but yellow challenges are also based on wisdom. It’s possible you also have summons that can be used (and the computer isn’t great with summons in auto-resolves).

It’s also dependent on your skills and the level of those skills. A lower wisdom or intelligence can still do alright in a mental challenge if you have a level 2 or 3 skill that does well in mental challenges like Reliable Argument or Showing Off.

Until you’re comfortable with it, and assuming you have a party that’s basically mediocre at everything, just pick whichever option is easier unless you’re making your choice based on roleplaying. A 3 physical challenge will be easier than a 4 mental challenge most of the time.

The other thing to note is whether the card colors are filled in. If the challenge is a yellow outline of a card the damage is healed after battle, whereas a filled in yellow card the damage stays. And there can still be negative consequences for a loss (and probably even for victory) in those temporary damage challenges.

Thanks for the info, especially about the filled in cards. I had no idea!

Intentionally started a game just to starve someone for the achievement since it looks like this will be the first game I ever 100%.

2 starts on difficult later I lose 2 people to starvation when I’m trying my best not to. Karma.

Also, who knew the scariest thing in the game were bees and boars? By the time I see one a zmey or a leshy is much less problematic!

Blue bees are truly troublesome if not outright lethal.

Build 0544 - 18th July

Thea 2: The Shattering - A’vee

  • Added mod support for story modules and localisation for story modules,
  • Added mod support for images,
  • Added the ability to recycle items on Resolve Event screen,
  • Bug reporting tool should work correctly once again.

Saves should be still fully compatible between this and the last version.


The next patch (on the 1st August) will include the first content update, balancing tweaks and other goodies. However, this required a lot of changes in the game’s various databases, so after the next patch, you will not be able to load any saved games created before it. We’ll keep the previous build on a beta branch as usual.

For those that might overlook the news

Thanks! Looking forward to the content update. :-)

Three People game, almost 130 turns in.

We encountered our first f word tonight in the game; orcs are kind of blunt. I had a promising m magic-user but some jealous witch turned him into a rat, so yeah, rat as a character that still counts as a magic user and has a pretty gnarly hit but low hp.

We know we will lose this save but so far, the profiles haven’t been lost so… still points.

Also 3 people in a battle is… hard. You almost never have enough points to use everyone you want to, but you also get a great variety.

We’ve also encountered more bugs, which we report… almost like the event are stepping on each other because you can be in event and be close enough to be pulled into another event and sometimes we just get… stuck. We’re still talking about only a few though.

Most annoying thing thus far… even as the host, which I assume means my machine is driving the game, they both see the end of battle before I do. They start getting all excited about loot and wins before I even see the battle animations complete.

Are they running the same animation speed? It’s super fast at fastest but I prefer to run it one step lower so I can see where I messed up.

Which I do on a very regular basis, lost last night to a stupid positioning error so my tank ended the fight with tons of shield and everyone else died.

My most common loss though comes from forgetting I’m not always last and the computer puts out one more character at the end that completely messes me up. I’ve really got to learn to watch that.

That’s a great question. I probably did slow the speed down when I first started playing so I could track what was going on. I feel like when it was two players, it was opposite until the last patch, like my sister would be behind. Now I am always last, no matter which one I meet up with or even if it is all three.

In my two player game, which I am not sure we will get back to after the patch, I have this really weak fairy/pixie guy… super fast, swarm, and ancient voice so he… destroys yellow attacks in the first round or two… just can clear a field almost by himself. My elf has something similar but not as fast, more life, and no swarm… not nearly as lethal. Learning these characters can make such a difference, and yeah one of my scoundrels has a hell of a shield because he’s strong but he lacks the life of a warrior… so he does great right up until he encounters the critters that hit shield and life at the same time.

It’s an easy mistake to make. The reverse can be troublesome too, holding off for that last card placement only to realize, they’re not placing it. If you have really strong support, that can be great, but I’ve held out combo characters before, thinking I would do something nifty in the end only to find out that last move was lame.

The great thing is, although it can change with updates, is the combo of cards can be learned. Like you’re rarely 100% sure what they have and how they will lay them but there are definitely common groups, so I know when not to stick my super quick but weak person in the back only to be slammed by some foe that can hit anywhere on the map.

I really want to know if my rat can have kids.

This DLC comes as a free update to the base game and brings the following changes:

New Stuff:

  • Added Volh and Gusla - two new human male magic user classes

  • Added over 30 new events

  • Added skills for Volh and Gusla

  • Added 13 new rituals

  • Added new event arts

  • Added a couple of new character portraits and 3d models for them

*** Added half-race tag to mixed parents children**

  • Added Elder Swamper, Rockers, Icicles and Lava Rockers

  • Added an event to Slavyan village where you can allow any of your people to leave you and join the Slavyans

  • Added a new difficulty setting which defines how far groups can join other groups’ events

  • Added hotkeys and tooltips to the Navigation bar

  • Added tooltip on tasks on Village Overview screen

  • Added tooltips to tasks on Research and Rituals screens

  • Added Forfeit button on Fight Info screen

  • Rollover on characters on action queue highlights the corresponding character on the battlefield

  • Rollover on the characters on the battlefield highlights the corresponding character on the action queue

  • Added a list of participating groups on Resolve Event screen

  • Changed sfx when opening Logbook, God Info, Domination Victory, Theopedia and Factions screens


  • Fixed a bug where elf skills would be reset upon growing up

*** Children can no longer level up their racial skill**

  • Fixed Flock of Craftsmen trait

  • Scavenger boss Hanka can no longer move over sea tiles

  • Fixed Zmey in the quarry, where you could sacrifice the single character you had in your group, thus you were unable to continue the quest

  • Fixed the Guard being too clingy and staying with you despite you telling him to go

  • Fixed forest demons giving you a boar instead of a bear

  • Fixed main quest path with Ail’yleth, where she would not help rescue the dwarf if you already visited the jail before meeting her

  • Fixed the POI quests from villages, so that they cannot be exploited forever

  • Fixed summons not using passive skills

  • Fixed Delay display in character tooltip

  • Fixed health sacrificing mechanics not using proper damage multiplier

  • Fixed a small bug in elf growing up where one of the options looped

  • Fixed max char count for server name and password on Host and Join screens to make sure the joining player can always input the entire server name and password

  • Fixed modding models

  • Fixed a regression forbidding to create new modules

  • Fixed multistaged events

  • Hotkeys on HUD should now work without having the radial menu open

  • Fixed a bug where removing all entities from a group and then opening another screen that referenced this group would crash the game

  • Fixed the dwarf growing up event, where a dwarf chosen child had no chance to become a warrior

  • Fixed a bug in dwarf ‘birth’ event where all rockers got a buff when the new one was born

  • Fixed a bug where VSync and FPS limit settings were not applied correctly when the application was restarted

  • Fixed Sort by Value on Trade screen not taking into account the merchant’s multiplier


*** Reduced the difficulty of Lightbringers on the starting island**

*** Healer’s skill is now based on Intelligence**

  • Tweaked Healer’s starting skills and skill packs

  • Zerca now starts with Inspire skill

  • Reduced damage of Reliable Argument skill

  • Increased movement points of flying demons by 1

  • Reduced randomization in starting subraces’ attributes

  • Increased trading value of pets

  • Reduced the trade value of cooked food

  • Balancing changes to Drain Vigour skill

  • Balancing changes to various groups, including concepts

  • Buffed Guard Tower

  • Lucky Sod skill is no longer available for children

  • Ailyn and Naiysir now have Beautiful tag

  • Balancing changes to Dziad Mroz and Sniezynki’s stats and starting skills

  • Increased shielding granted by Protect Others skill

  • Czort now starts with Weakness skill

  • Orc Matriarch starts with Corruption skill, has less Faith but more Sanity

  • Kraken is now more dangerous in mental and spiritual challenges

  • Reduced Strength and Perception of Light Sick Karakandza

  • Increased Intelligence, Wisdom and Sanity of Light Sick Alkonost

  • Increased Sanity and Intelligence of Hohlick

  • Balancing changes to Forest Leshy, Dormant Leshy and Enlightened Leshy - both in starting skills and attributes

  • Reduced Perception and Health of Viatroviec

  • Increased Perception of Forest Fairy

  • Master Striga now starts with War Shout skill, increased attack

  • Striga Mistress now starts with Hypnosis and Two Flying Daggers skills, increased attack

  • Increased Wisdom of Werewolf

  • Reduced Health of Cmok

  • Reduced Health and Sanity of Light Sick Rusalka

  • Reduced Mental Shielding of Unliving Dragon

  • Increased Mental Shielding of Swamp Troll

  • Increased Strength and Perception of Lava Troll

  • Increased Intelligence and Wisdom of Dwarf Statue #3

  • Unliving Rat and Unliving Spider are now Unliving by race

  • Reduced Strength and Health of bees

  • Reduced the strength of Blood Protection skill

  • Changes to how AI values non-basic damage types

  • Increased duration of Toxine and Illness effects


  • Changed methods names: PutSkillOnLocalQueue to PutSkillOnQueue_Local, PutSkillOnMainQueue to PutSkillOnQueue_Main, GetCardsOpposingCardsOnBattelfield to GetOpposingCardsOnBattelfield

  • Cleaned up old and unused database files

  • Added a message if there are no paths of an event node

As mentioned, old saves will not be compatible with this update (but your profiles should be fine), if you have a saved game and would like to continue playing, please use Betas tab to switch to the previous version.

highlighted just a few things I especially care about.

Fantastic! I was waiting for the patch to drop to play. So glad it’s finally here.

I’m excited about this patch. I think I agree with every change there that I’ve had any personal interaction with.

Reducing bee strength will make the toughest difficulty much more enjoyable and maybe I can use a Drain Vigour item without feeling bad about abusing the mechanics.

I’m a little concerned about not level racial abilities. If you start the game with a non-human, it’s super expensive… so maybe not nerf them, if that is what that is.

I’m assuming it only applies while they’re children. I’m not sure why they felt the need to do that, maybe to make sure that children get offered a better variety of skills as they level so you can try and figure out what class you want to target?

By racial abilities I assume they just mean the base racial, like the “dwarf skill” which just gives %crafting and %health or something like that. The “shadow elf skill” is almost completely useless (not shadow elves themselves which are stupidly strong, just the base racial skill) so you wouldn’t want to be leveling that.

The way I’m reading that I think it’s actually a good thing.

The elf had… shoot what was it. I want to say Ancient Voice, but I think it’s something else. The elf kids cost 3 points… they’re super expensive. When I get a game post patch I’ll look again. I am just hoping their not nerfing the kid that takes like half the group’s points, and it really is about more skills and not a nerf.

Patch notes above from @Nesrie. Awesome! Here is the link FYI: