Thea 2: The Shattering

Yeah so if you left click on your group, to select them, then you hold down the right mouse button which will show you the movement cost and just drag it around to where you want to go and let go. If you change your mind go back to your group and let go there not to move.

Thanks, I will give that a try.

Yeah, I am not going to be a fan of that. :)

I’ve been screwed by it a few times. i didn’t understand what it was doing until it happened to my sister and then others on the message board said they experienced the same thing. If they keep this, it’s a polar difference to what I did for the Giants in original Thea… and I don’t know how I would have beaten them any other way too.

Another note to villages… they don’t have weight limits. By around turn 30, I start getting close to my max and have to disassemble things. I wind up building a village every time, but i have not figured out how to best time that. It’s mostly based on if I have a good spot and hopefully tier 2 material to build it with.

I think Thea 1 might have erred too far in the direction of allowing you to win by the simple size of your party. But now I think they are over-reacting, going too far in the other direction.

Battles in 2 already limit the number of characters that can be put into play – you have only so many action points. So a large group cannot overwhelm by sheer numbers, they only gain advantage in that more people allows being better prepared for a larger variety of challenges. So missing out on random characters in groups larger than seven really strikes me as piling on – and feels arbitrary and unrealistic.

True. Although if you had 20 or 30 ill-equipped and low skill peeps it hardly matter. Those giants and dragons would chew through you like butter.

I think you’re right though. The action points prevent you from using everyone like before and the 7 random thing feels like the most gamey thing in the game right now. It just makes no logical sense that because you have 8 people you put two children in the fight and not the warrior.

How “ready to play” is the game at this stage? If I’m going to break my no-early-access embargo with something, it might as well be something right up my alley.

Playing again this morning, I see that you are right. It is an odd mechanism in my opinion, right up there with Aggressors: Ancient Rome and its method of selecting from among multiple units.

What I am finding, though, is that it is not just odd, but also awkward. The initial click on the party jerks the screen so that the game considers it centered (as opposed to being centered on where you are planning to travel next). The subsequent right click shows the tiles you can move to, but often with a less than optimal view (especially in rough terrain at night) and any effort to re-center the screen before releasing results in an inadvertent move.

I think the people making these creative indie games have trouble separating the areas that require innovation from those that do not. Lots of gaming cliches need to be cast aside, but I really do not think that the traditional way of moving your units is among those things. :)

The other thing I repeat for anyone considering trying the game – at this point, the lack of content is very noticeable. The same events repeat and repeat and repeat, presumably because they have not yet added a wide variety of events.

Thanks for the warning

I agree. My sister has a lot of patience and she considers Thea almost the perfect game but if either of us encounter that tickle monster one more time… dear lord.

Well the game is definitely playable but there are some annoyances at this stage some might want to avoid. Every time they patch the game, and they patch it frequently at the moment, you wind up with a new database and it wants you to start over or be at risk for bugs. So far, since the load bug seems to be address, I don’t encounter a ton of the.

I built a village because we just had too much stuff. I’m about 100 rounds in, no children and about 30 turns of literally nothing happening. They also don’t seem to have any random events for moving around so yeah the content is pretty light. I swear they said they put the names of everything on the cards, but I don’t see that. this makes it hard to tell what is what although visually I am kind of doing it. They changed the resource tree recently so my sister couldn’t figure out why something couldn’t be made out of silver and then discovered you had to get to it at a later tree. I am not sure if they are trying to avoid people getting the best weapons really early but that was kind of a thing to enjoy and it took forever for low levels to get the ability to even harvest resources and certainly not quickly.

On the other hand, I am figuring out the combat, the items (these work a little differently than before).

So yeah you can play it but I think they might still be in some decision making processes and not just missing content.

Anybody been playing this recently? I’m curious if they have made enough progress that it is worth going back for a few days of it, as I wait for At the Gates.

Still playing here, exclusively MP but we had to stop to due to a weird mechanic that they just fixed actually.

I’ll explain, somewhat briefly because it was talked about above, what that mechanic is and why it really hurt the game.

So in Thea 1 there was no limit really to the size of your group, and you just added to the group to get them very strong and able to fight the end content, and you split them basically when you realized you needed resources faster but maybe wanted a closer group to town to keep guard.

Thea 2 has a limit on the number of people who can engage any particular challenge; that limit is 7. Well instead of letting you choose who to bring to that challenge, it seemed and was entirely random. So you’ve got 2 warriors in a group of 10 people, and you’re nomadic because you can’t make town yet and leave anyone of note behind because of those 10 people 2-3 of them are children, so what happened. … it picked 7 random people, the two kids showed up, and you’re dead. It was pretty much game breaking when that happened… but they fixed it now:

  • Card Game - the game now estimates the most suitable characters for a particular challenge type for the player’s hand. This should reduce the frequency of situations where having 5 adults and 5 kids in a group (or in nearby groups) would give you 5 kids and 2 adults in the challenge

Huge, huge improvement. What I don’t fully understand is why they can’t just give you information about your group when these events occur and just let you pick. I mean seriously, there are times when my best warrior on his last leg might be the best or worst option to choose based on equipment and what other characters are there. I am not a fan of this “estimates” thing, but if they estimate correctly at all at least it removes those freaking kids from most of the encounters.

Second thing that wasn’t listed in the patch notes, or if it was it was extremely vague, is something clearly changed with triggering events itself. I don’t see the same event every few turns anymore, like the tickle monster which was really getting… grating. Our current game has events triggering noticeably more often, and I’ve seen new ones too.

I really miss the Thea 1 mechanic though where just walking had a chance to trigger events. I don’t think that is happening in Thea 2 at all. All the events seem to be around the end of the turn which might be better for the MP experience, perhaps, but I miss that… strategic choice where you have a wounded party but do you risk moving one space over to camp where you can hunt or do you park it right now, get nothing but heal for sure.

Now is it worth it now or not… I’m a little biased as a Kickstarter person and someone who loves this game that my sister calls her near perfect game. But there’s a fair amount of content here. They’re still tweaking with mechanics, and the changes are not minor. In fact, often after a patch you just have to start over. I have zero risk of burning out on a game like this, and the repeat experience was part of game 1 too even when it was finished but… coming in this early does add the potential to burn out earlier if you do find yourself annoyed with seeing the same quest for the 100th time, and you can’t stand restarting that quickly. I did a village before this last patch and basically hit return for 50 turns in a row because I couldn’t grow my village and no events happened which I think is in indication something might be wrong in there, but that didn’t discourage me as a previous player who knew triggering might be off as well as baby and children events.

If you already have it, which of course you do, and found some of the stuff I talked about annoying and stopped because of it, like that freaking 7 card limit random thing was an issue… well them fixing that makes challenges feel more fair and that itself makes the game feel better. I have not played enough, yet, to know how well that estimation really pans out there. I’ve barely got enough to fill those slots with even usable people… when i get in a situation with a nearly dead warrior but a marginal someone else, then I’ll notice how it’s picking a lot better.

Thanks, very helpful.

Yes, the random characters in a challenge thing is one of the main reasons I set the game aside. Very glad they improved it – I will have to wait and see what I think of their estimates. :)

I also realized I turned that into more of a state of the day than a direct reply. I should have given you a shorter answer since we talked before and then the broad open reply about hey the update makes this game feel like it’s not screwing you at random every other encounter and now the tickle monster doesn’t seem to be part of the primary cast anymore… so far.

Oh and I forgot, they added a lot of icons and pic. It feels a lot more… exciting and interesting to see that variety too. Early on it kind of had that cheap indie budge feel going which they are indie but I always saw Thea as feeling and looking pretty darn good for the small team they have.

Your update was a big help. I fired the game up, and it feels much further along, much more polished. Lots of little things changed. I still don’t like the controls, but it is not a game breaker by any means.

Very minor update here.

They might have reintroduced their wood problem, aka there should be ample ordinary, plain wood on the map and there isn’t. This was a previous bug they fixed that could have been reintroduced but…

The real update.

They have activated a button for challenges! You can now review your group before deciding what challenge to make. This is super helpful if you didn’t memorize all the little stats of your group, which most of us don’t. I generally have an idea based on the class of the group anyway, I mean craftsman and healers, wisdom, and you don’t often forget if you have a witch in the group for magic challenges, that sort of thing, but this a very useful tool for making an informed decision on which challenge least likely to kick your ass.

Good news, although probably trouble for the game I was playing the past couple days.

I haven’t had a chance to play yet, released today but…

from their FB post


just a bit of their update:

This update introduces seasons and weather. The changes are both visual and in gameplay. Each season lasts 36 turns (2 days and 2 nights) and has its own set of bonuses and penalties. Additionally, there are season-specific weather effects such as rain, wind or snow which also affect gameplay for a couple of turns. Since these changes are likely to increase the overall difficulty of the game, you will be able to switch them off in the difficulty settings.
Below is a full list of new features, changes and fixes brought by this update:

- Added seasons and weather mechanics

  • Changed god-specific traits
  • Changes to selectable traits
  • Added tooltips on Advancement screen
  • Added tech previews on Advancement screen
  • Added Factions and Loyalty screen to track faction loyalty status
  • Added God Info screen allowing to check domains and selected traits
  • Added Stingers faction to the game
  • Added some more Theopedia terrain arts
  • Added two human child portraits

It is still frustrating to start over frequently, but the stuff they are adding is certainly worthwhile.

Build 0386 - 1st March

Thea 2: The Shattering - A’vee

Today’s update fixes a number of issues identified since posting the seasons update.

  • Fixed a crash when playing a coop game

  • Fixed Dzievanna’s trait skill causing a crash on EntityInfo screen

  • Fixed a crash caused by fuel calculation error when no forbidden resources list was created due to no changes in fuel/food management

  • Fixed rituals tasks screen showing crafting stat values

  • Fixed season icons not showing up correctly on gathering tasks tooltip

  • Fixed missing skill icons and descriptions for weather effects

  • Fixed fuel per turn counter not taking winter season into account

  • Fixed filters and sorters for equipment screen character list not working

  • Added winter icon near fuel per turn display on HUD, Inventory and Group Info screens

  • Added season countdown to HUD

  • Added tutorial popup to event screen

  • Added the ability to sort characters on the equipment screen list by gathering skill

  • Children from trait card now start with an amber ranged weapon

  • Changes to Idol skills

  • Lowered the chance to trigger group/village events

  • Fruit resource can now appear on Darkness biome

  • Eggs resource can now appear on Ancient Forest biome

  • Lowered weight of 1h and 2h artifacts (by 10% and 20% respectively)

  • Lowered production cost for gathering food by 10%

  • Defeating roaming groups should now yield more drops

  • Horz trait summon is now based on Perception


So the patch before this made coop gaming unplayable, no seriously, like hard crash 4-10 rounds end, and they fixed it!

So now that we can play again here is what I have learned, this whole season and events during the season, wind and scorched can have negative and positive results like wind helps with boats, but your group doesn’t like it so they take some damage, various types. Scorched punishes groups not in the village which… suddenly makes having a village a little more worthwhile. So for those who might have forgotten, Thea 2 allows you to play nomadic to the point where making the village seemed somewhere between pointless and punishing, punishing because now you were kind of stuck when you want to go out and get more stuff, fight more things, pointless because you could build a village and go through 30-50 turns and nothing happened, like nothing… boring.

So good news, more events are happening, not the same repeats… no more 30 turns without anything going on. Kids are showing up, for everyone, not in mass but it seems like yes, you can grow your people and maybe field two reasonable groups. The traints/skills are nice and unique. You don’t have to memorize what your god is doing for you anymore because the button works now and you can see exactly what benefits you get. With more portraits, more unique icons for resources, more art for items, weapons, etc, it’s looking better and better.

Downside, I think the numbers are all messed up at the moment. It might say you only need 12 leather but it demands 13 which is problematic if you researched something with the idea of using the 12 you have… don’t have 13. The same problem is happening with the start of the gaming, like it says you can start with a max of 6 people but it will only actually accept five. And for some trade like events it’s treating 30 diamonds like it has the same value as 30 wood (pretty sure this is wrong and it didn’t do it before).

The game is still being worked on so I am not going to penalize them for these things, I just wanted to let other know where it’s at at the moment.