Thea 2: The Shattering

It seems that the game is smart enough to use any regular wood you have left before touching the higher level stuff.

I’m up around turn 160 in my first game and I’m enjoying this a lot.

I have 10 in my party and I’ve run up against the ‘automatic pick 7’ issue quite a lot. It keeps putting people into combat that I don’t want and leaving some out that I do. I know the best solution is to build a village and leave 3 there but I just can’t find a spot to do that. I’ve explored the entire first island and there are some few spots with food and resources but there’s a Slaven or Lightbringer village next to every good spot. I destroyed one of the 2 Lightbringer villages but there’s another one right next to it that’s a level 9 battle and that’s too tough for me.

So, I’ve rafted over to another nearby island hoping for better luck. I’m not sure what this new island is. It has dragon bones and the intro said something about goblins? The landscape seem bleaker and more barren than the first island.

I’m having a lot of trouble with my party composition. I was lucky enough to have 4 or 5 children early in the game. One turned into a hunter. One was a goblin kid I got from an event and he turned into a crafter. All the rest turned into warriors. The problem is I don’t have a healer, shaman, witch or anything else that’s good with spiritual, social or mental challenges. I’m great with physical battles but get crushed in anything else.

So, how do you get witches, shamans, etc? On the starting island I visited the Slaven villages and they don’t offer anything except dogs and a cat pet. I bought some spitter spider pets from the Stingers village but they don’t have anything else, either. There are no elf, goblin or dwarf villages. Anyone have any ideas?

The other thing I’m struggling with is crafting which is not explained anywhere that I can see. How can you craft a legendary item (like a codex)? I have those unlocked to the highest tier. I have some level 3 components which I can put in the slots. I can click the legendary option to craft the codex however the bar under it is red and it won’t let me click the ‘confirm’ button to craft it. What am I missing? Are the components not high enough in tier so I have to find higher tier (4) materials to craft it?

Well, after doing some googling, it looks like the only way to get zercas, witches, sages, healers, etc. is by having children that turn into them when they grow up. I haven’t had any children added to my party in about 140 turns so I guess that option is out.

Maybe I should just end the game and restart?

You do need higher resource tiers to increase the value of your items. You’ve probably noticed that basic wood has 0.5 essence or whatever term that is. The next level of wood might be 0.9. Are you also using the larger numbered slots. Many items will ask for 20 or 30 wood. With basic that would increase the value from 10 to 15.

You can build something to get kids in a village. I guess in the sequel you don’t need a village, but it seems like an easier path to follow.

I just lucky and got a Zerca as a reward for completing an event on the second island that appears to be full of goblins and undead. If I can ever find any wood there I might go ahead and put down a village. My traveling nomads are up to 11 in number now.

Thanks. I watched a vid on crafting and I think I have it sorted now.

One of the new buildings, Sawmill, in the sequel can create wood, but I don’t know how much. Probably still best to be near some.

I’ve had villages without wood and they work out okay. One option is to send out your best gatherer (or two) for a few turns and stock pile it if it’s nearby. The other is as @belouski says the lumber mill which works well enough (make it with high enough material and you can get two a turn, which is what you need to make it through winter.)

As far as getting different classes in your party, for kids I give them pets that boost wisdom or mysticism, and if they are ever offered luck I take that. In my last game that went on for some 250 turns I had an assortment of different demons (like five of them) and a goblin. If fact the only warrior I had was my starting one. I got really lucky on the chance (the pure chance) option (first getting it at all and second not getting scoundrels.) That game though I never made a village because I couldn’t find a spot with food + worthwhile resources (one or the other, not both) and that’s after visiting most of the islands. Those island were crawling with assorted baddies (my team could handle it but it was pretty much none stop.) I eventually gave up and restarted. :/

The other way to get different classes other than kids and random events is to work on goblin, orc, dwarf etc faction and recruit classes from them.

I managed to put down a village and it got killed by bears while my A team was away.

Then my population shot back up as I got new children. I think it actually makes sense to suicide away anyone who doesn’t fit your plan, as you only seem to get new kids below a certain threshold.

Wondering if I can risk building a village on the second island. My second 7 might not be strong enough to survive there.

I think the village mechanic needs a bit of work.

I got pretty lucky on the goblin island. Not only did that event Zerca join me, I also had a child event not too long after that. And then I ground out some rep with a goblin town to get to friendly with them and recruited a (ridiculously expensive) goblin shaman. I had a couple of really good codexes on me I got from the goblins as quest rewards, including a legendary one, so I gave them to my new magic lads and I’m loaded for bear now.

I’m going to go over to the starting island again now and see if I can kill the lightbringer towns there and plop a village down where they were hogging up all the good resources. I have a bakers dozen in my crew now and hopefully 6 in my town with the town guardian can hold it against any intruders while my main party is off questing.

Main quest is a bit of a mess, branches that don’t go anywhere, chances to get stuck. I guess there is a fallback route with the nasty dwarf?

Once you get to the alchemist and the red cave, the quest splits. You can either try to free the dwarf prisoner (very hard) or go to the various islands and talk to the various settlements of dwarves, elves and goblins to get allies to solve the quest without help from the imprisoned dwarf.

Thanks, I’d actually gone a bit past there, and found I had to visit a village I had destroyed… so I followed a different route through the quest. It felt more like I was blundering around than making interesting choices though.

Ultimately the Chick parabola on this one seems pretty short. I’ve done one playthrough and I could maybe do one more where I go straight for the things I know are good.

I really enjoyed my first play-though and beating the main quest. It unlocked a couple of new gods and a bunch of god points so I’m playing again with another god this time. I guess I was pretty lucky the first time because this time though it’s been much tougher and I’ve been struggling to get anywhere near the power level I had in the first game. So, it seems pretty variable. And I haven’t even messed with the custom difficulty settings yet.

I wonder what happened to @Nesrie? I thought she was a big player of this game? I figured she’d be posting here a lot after it was released.

She’s been off the boards for a little while. Hopefully, she is really enjoying playing it with her sister somewhere.

I’ve been enjoying this one so far. I loved the original, and I like a lot of the UI improvements in this new edition. Also, it’s terrific that the auto-resolve now tells us what the auto-result and lets us decide whether we want to auto-resolve or fight manually. Now I just need more time to play…

This game certainly has that ‘one more turn’ appeal. It’s been hard for me to tear myself away from it.

I’ve played so much of this game it’s kind of silly. 165 hours so far, and it’s the only game my sister will play with me now; she will literally play nothing else. I’ve also found out, she’s exceedingly slow.

Since it’s still early in, I am playing a lot with the kids trying to figure out how to mostly reliably get the classes I need. I am using a luck a lot. It seems to be working, also sacrifice several slots to start with an elf child… they’re pretty awesome, these elves. As expected I wound up with a demon in my party (chance child) and an elf and there are several more options in story based quests open to me which is really cool. If you don’t know that having a variety of characters can open up options… totally check it out if you can. Getting those extra characters, especially as children is risky and can not work out.

Hey Nesrie glad to hear from you! I may pick up Thea 2 some day. The first was a little rough but had enough interesting bits in there for a couple play throughs.

@Nesrie, what are your overall thoughts on the game? Like it? A classic for all time? Terrible? Something else? :)

I’d like to hear from @Nesrie as well. In the meantime… there is a demo if anybody didn’t know.