Theatrical Film Releases that don't need their own thread


I have been thinking this forum needs a thread that covers films currently in the theater that might be worth mentioning, but that really don’t need/deserve a dedicated thread for that mention - sort of similar to the Netflix Recommendation Thread.

So I wanted to give it a try.

Come guess this movie in the 2017 20:20 game!
Bollywood big budget film of 2018

So to kick things off, I will mention the Bollywood film Fan being shown by AMC and Cinemark. It is not a musical, but rather an action drama. It definitely has some typical over the top moments with that Bollywood Flair, but there is some superb acting between the two main characters (by one actor) and some interesting photography(as well as some stolen American cinema camera angles). If you like that sort of thing, you might check it out.


This can go hear maybe?

I’ve not seen it (it has had a usa only release), but it sounds like something i would like to watch, nerd comedy thing called ‘Keanu’:


Except that it already had its own thread. :v


What?! A feature film starring the world’s most single most recognizable actor doesn’t deserve it’s own thread!? Shah. Rukh. Khan. IS. MY. SHIIIIT!!!


Yeah, I enjoyed Fan a lot. We say it on opening weekend, and I’m still amazed that they managed to somehow make one character played by Shah Rukh Khan look so damn young. I thought it was the result of amazing makeup, but my wife thinks they used CGI in every scene to touch up his appearance. I don’t disagree that this is a possibility, given how much Indian cinema has grown up and how much CGI they use these days. They’re getting pretty good at it.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie a lot. It’s not often that you feel conflicted about a character in an Indian movie. Here they made the “Fan” in question a sympathetic character, while also being dangerous. Very well done.


Oooh. A new Shah Rukh Khan movie is always worth at least checking out. Thanks for pointing out he’s in it. Bollywood is one of my guilty pleasures.



Yesterday I saw the poorly titled “Our Kind Of Traitor” - a story about Russian mafia.

Do not watch the trailer for this as it shows too much story. It is decent with a solid cast like Ewan McGregor, Stellan Skarsgård , Naomie Harris, and a very British Damian Lewis. If you like to see heavily tattooed / naked Russian mobsters, this is definitely the film for you.


I liked it well enough. Not my favorite le Carré adaptation, but it was enjoyable.


Continuing the tradition of talking about Indian movies in this thread, I recently watched Neerja. It’s a movie about a hijacking, and it’s my favorite hijacking movie now. It’s really well done. The direction makes it sort of a hybrid between a cinematic look versus a more handheld/you are there look and feel. And it’s really perfect for this movie. Go in with no prior knowledge about the movie.


I do believe Neerja is “based on a true story”.


Shhhh. Don’t look up the real story. Go in blind, like I said. :)


I watched Katiyabaaz today (Netflix in the U.S. has it). The meta-critic equivalent sites for Bollywood movies named that the best reviewed movie of 2014, and it was well deserved. I would say that it is one of the most visually striking documentaries I’ve ever seen. It tells the story of electric power in the megacity of Kanpur in India. Starring a Katiyabaaz (electricity thief) named Loha Singh, vs the CEO of the electric company. Each shot is so lovingly constructed, and the music is so good. I really enjoyed my journey to Kanpur.


Anyone see Hunt for the Wilderpeople?

It is making the release rounds at Alamo right now. Trailer makes it look a little predictable…was wondering if it was worth watching or will it simply be on Netflix soon enough…


My wife and I thought Hunt for the Wilderpeople was terrific. I can’t deny it is a little predictable, but the kid is great and his relationship with Sam Neill is worth the price of admission.


I had wanted to see Hunt, but a friend of mine saw it and said she did not enjoy it and mentioned several triggery instances of animal violence. I’ll wait for it to show up somewhere streaming in a couple of months.


Is this what you are referring to?


No sorry, meant Hunt for Wilderpeople.


This might qualify.


Don’t start fight you can’t finish, Scott:

Believe it or not, Johnny Depp is in the Yoga one…