Theatrical Film Releases that don't need their own thread

I’ll third the recommendation. I thought it was positively delightful.

Avoid The Dead Don’t Die. It makes zombie apocalypse boring, which is a feat itself. Adam Driver is dry as usual. Bill Murray is Bill Murray. Tilda Swinton is a bit meh. Lot of cameos, but not a whole lot happening. Zombieland 2 could not have been worse than this.

You might be surprised?

By the way, the date for this being in a theatrical release thread has pretty much come and gone. :)


Just got back from Guns Akimbo, a movie in which Daniel Radcliffe plays a mobile game coder who enjoys countertrolling assholes on the internet and makes the mistake of trolling a bunch of folks who stream real life deathmatch events, who bolt pistols to his hands and inform him he has one day to kill their current top-of-the-charts killer Nix (played by Samara Weaving) or they will kill him. You might think this would become a Death Race sort of affair where he and Nix rampage through the city trying to kill one another. Yeah, no. A lot of the movie is occupied with the difficulty of having guns permanently attached to your hands. There’s a lot of operating his cell phone with his nose, trying desperately not to shoot his dick off when peeing, and just having a terrible time putting pants on. And of course desperately fleeing from Nix whenever she gets a bead on him.

It’s a hoot. Lots of great lines, hilarious situational comedy, frankly accurate depictions of internet douchebags, excellent music choices, etc. I was particularly fond of when Nix tries to flip him off but has forgotten her middle finger was severed so he just looks at her blankly, and then she fishes it back up off the floor and places it back against the stump and he’s like “ohhh, right”. It’s definitely pretty violent, though, fair warning.

(It’s about to start a week of showings at the Alamo, otherwise you’ll probably have to wait til home video.)

PS: Apparently they couldn’t show the trailer for this movie because the music hadn’t been licensed for theatrical display. That’s quite the oversight.

Well there is no dedicated The Dead Don’t Die thread, and I wouldn’t say it is a horror either. Maybe it should be posted in a thread dedicated to boring movies.

And sir you have piqued my interest in Zombieland 2. Will it be so bad it becomes good???

There is a Dead Don’t Die thread!

I think the issue with it not being horror is that the Jim Jarmusch kind of precludes any other genre, doesn’t it?

No such luck. But Zoey Deutch is irresistible. So you should instead watch a movie called Flower.


I used the search function to find “the dead don’t die” and I can’t find anything, I guess the combination is a bit too common.

But I LOVE Michael Cera! So I must see Zombieland 2!!!1111

Did anyone go see the movie that’s a spin-off of The Big Lebowski that’s out? I think it’s called Jesus Rolls.

I am not a fan of Lebowski, but I know we have a lot of fans at qt3.

Perhaps not theatrical, but the documentary General Magic was an interesting look into a “failed” Silicon Valley spinoff from Apple. The alumni went on to basically invent modern smartphones and a good bit of other popular modern tech. It’s worth watching if you’re interested in tech history. It’s currently showing on Delta airlines, which is where I saw it.

Thanks for this, I will check it out! I ended up working for (or with) a few people from General Magic, but I never realized that it was originally spun off from Apple!

Spin off might not be the right phrase. It was founded by Apple alumni and funded by Apple initially.

Thanks for the recommendation. I just watched the first 38 minutes of it so far. It’s very interesting to see these people so ahead of the curve, basically inventing the smartphone back in 1989. I’m amazed at how much they thought it would change the world for the better. I mean, having the hindsight now, looking at the device in my hand, it’s weird to think “has this really made the world a much better place?” Certainly looking at the United States and Europe, maybe not. But I suspect that maybe a lot of the 3rd world countries in Asia and Africa that skipped over a lot of the technologies that were omnipresent in the West, and going straight to the smartphone, I bet they have had this make a huge difference.

I guess there’s no thread for Onward, the new Pixar movie. I took the kids last weekend. The trailers/commercials made it seem pretty weak (which is maybe why the box office wasn’t good), but my 11-year old and I couldn’t miss a movie starring Spider-man and Star Lord.

It was actually not bad. Not top-tier Pixar, maybe, but I was amused and entertained. Mostly because of Chris Pratt. It almost seems like his part was written for Jack Black, who probably would also have been great, but Pratt brought it to life.

Anyway, if you gotta take your kids to it, you might actually enjoy yourself!

What’s weird about that one is I thought the projects were 40-45 mil, so when it makes 40… it’s not good enough? Some other recent movies failed to even meet their projections, but this one sounds like it is.

Based on the trailers and some other… issues, I’m not likely to see it in theater myself.

Watched it in a nearly empty theatre today (thanks, corona) and loved it. Guy Ritchie is back to his former cockney gangster style movies with a bit of merchant of venice added to the mix. I am definitely going to see it again.

I guess there is no thread for the newest Jane Austen movie version of “Emma”. This one is “EMMA.” where the capitalization and the trailing period are required for it to be the “authentic” title.

I saw it last night with my wife and later high-school aged daughter. I think we all enjoyed it fine, but to various degrees.

My wife thought it was far inferior to the 1996 Gwyneth Paltrow vehicle. She thought the story was more confusingly-framed, she didn’t care for most of the actors, and she didn’t like the dialog as much.

I had almost the opposite reaction. While I liked the 1996 version just fine, I thought this newer version gave a little more for the supporting cast to do, and made the interactions between Emma, Knightly, and Churchhill more nuanced. Plus Anya Taylor-Joy just seems like a better actor than Paltrow.

My daughter had not seen the 1996 version, but we all agreed that the best version of Emma is the 1995 Alicia Silverstone version.


I think they’re all fun or just fine movies… except the ones with Zombies. I couldn’t get into that one.

I was curious about this new one though because it seems like they just keep remaking it over and over again. My sister just keeps telling me PUBLIC DOMAIN when I say that though.


I also really enjoyed the Indian movie version of Emma. Bollywood had its own unique spin on the story, while staying true to the main story. It was called Aisha.

Watched First Cow at the Drafthouse a few days ago right when everything was going nuts. As it turns out the director Skyped in at the end of the showing to answer questions.

It’s the story of two men in 1800s Oregon and the first cow that was brought into the territory. One guy is a somewhat unsuccessful cook with a trapping party, the other a Chinese immigrant accused of murder. Ostensibly the story is about the bonds of friendship and “the American dream”.

I wasn’t a huge, huge fan of the movie; found the editing to be a bit jarring at times, took forever to get to the crux of the plot, and then it rapidly escalates to the conflict and kinda ends. Some parts are interstingly shot (and the whole movie is in 4x3 format), the costuming and acting is top notch (includes Rene Auberjonois’s last role). The director is content to just let the camera roll and let the characters do their thing, which feels a bit overdone at times (also an editing fault, which since it’s the same person I guess you get what you pay for).

I still kinda want to see Meek’s Cutoff, which is done by the same director, but yeah not completely sure I can fully recommend the movie.

— Alan