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Took my kids to see Hotel Transylvania 3 this weekend.

Don’t go see Hotel Transylvania 3.


I feel this was a given, granted the title :D My daughters love the first two but they are blissfully aware that a 3rd one exists. And will remain so until it happens to come to Netflix, at which point they’re welcome to watch it off on their own!


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Eighth Grade - Hey, guys! Here's a great coming-of-age comedy. Gucci!

I don’t think this movie qualifies for this thread.



You’re so right! Here’s a thread for Eighth Grade.


The “Detective Dee” sequel is decent for those that like Chinese Wire-Fu Medieval Fantasy.


Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

I almost fell asleep during it twice, maybe three times. I was not a fan of the first one, and I typically don’t like musicals, but hey I like my friends who like these things.

I will say… I think the younger cast sang in tune more often. I don’t get all excited with the mere presence of Cher, I do like some of her songs though, and my favorite part was actually the end, the credit piece where everyone is just singing.

I don’t fully understand why the same songs were heard again in the sequel that were sung in the original but my musical loving friends tell me ABBA only has so much or… something.

My next forced, I mean, my friends get to pick the movie will be The Meg


The people who made you see the Mamma Mia sequel are also making you see The Meg? You have some weird friends, @Nesrie!



Similar group, different driver. We have a larger movie group than we do the gaming group, but they overlap. The one into Mama Mia and Cher will claim she is very not nerd, but since she adored Wonder Woman and is a big PotC fan… I think she’s kidding herself, The driver of the The Meg is a large Jaws fan… but I tried to discourage this movie and those like it because she is afraid to enter the ocean, like won’t do it at all. I prefer pristine pool water myself but… I’ll enter the ocean.


I myself am trying to convince a friend to go see The Meg with me, so I sometimes get to be the weird friend.


OK, most of the time.


I feel you. My dad just sent me some of my old stuff. A couple of yearbooks from middle school. Time and again the folks who signed the thing wrote something along the lines of, “You’re really strange but also nice! I’m glad I got to know you!”



In middle school, anything that is unique or anyone who is original gets written off as ‘weird.’ PROTECT THE HERD!


I looked at the soundtracks for the two movies, and they have enough for at least a third one. They haven’t used songs like “Bang A-Boomerang”, “Under Attack”, or “If It Wasn’t for the Nights” yet. I’m actually surprised they found a way to work in “Fernando” in the second one.


The two individuals involved in that piece did better than the first one, but it’s not really a fair comparison.

I am sure if someone loved the first one, liked ABBA like a lot, they’d enjoy the second. I didn’t really care for 1, I know like maybe three ABBA songs, and a few of the singers were just not… well they’re not singers.


So I saw a movie trailer for something called Overlord that was directed by JJ Abrams. It looked like a movie about D-Day, except the opening had a black paratrooper, which I knew couldn’t be right. Well, the movie is about paratroopers on D-Day who find a Nazi perfect soldier factory.


Yeah, I saw that trailer as well (in front of new Mission Impossible movie). It was a weird one. At first it made it looked like a normal World War 2 movie that then turned into a horror movie instead. I’m not sure how to feel about World War 2 being used as a backdrop for other genre movies. I guess if you have a really high budget, why not? Indiana Jones series kind of did that with a different genre.


My first thought was Abrams doing Tarantino.


I watched Hotel Artemis yesterday. Which features Jodie Foster running a hotel/hospital for criminals with the help of her ornerny orderly Dave Bautista. The hotel has some very defined rules, there’s a water riot going on outside in its vaguely defined sci-fi future, the guests have clearly defined conflicts and as we can see coming from the start, all the hotel’s rules will be broken by the end of the night.

It’s got an absurdly great cast for what’s ultimately a b-movie you could have seen John Carpenter make in the 80:s. But b-movies punching above their weight is very much my jam, so I quite liked it. (Although it must be said, even though it looks pretty great courtesy of frequent Chan-wook Park cinematographer Chung-hoon Chung, Drew Pearce is no John Carpenter when it comes to directing yet.)


I remember seeing the trailer for that and thinking “This is just the Hotel Continental from John Wick. I’ll just watch John Wick again.”


It’s a natural comparison, since it’s a heightened crime world where the setting is a hotel, but in John Wick, Ian McShane is very much an untouchable deity, while here Jodie Foster is very much not, and also mostly our rooting interest, so the dynamics are different enough to make them different beasts.

(Also, don’t go in expecting John Wick levels of action. This is very much a pressure cooker that takes takes until the last reel to explode.)