Theatrical Film Releases that don't need their own thread


Produced by JJ Abrams. Directed by Julius Avery. Abrams is presumably busy with the new Star Wars.

From the writer of Breach!


Its not that there were not any, just that segregation was in play I believe.

Could not find info that they encountered Castle Wolfenstein though…They did not jump overseas but were in Europe…


Yea, the movie clip shows an integrated paratroop unit, which I know to have not existed at that point in time.


I am going to say Leave No Trace is a good one to see:

Unfortunately because of its connections the marketing compares it to Winter’s Bone, and it does not have a mystery element to it as WB did.


I really liked this move, @mok.


Yeah, I loved it. Beautifully written and acted and directed and shot!


Has anyone seen this film:

Looks like it has @tomchick potential. I think it has been out but don’t know if it made NA release.

First 37 minutes is a single take evidently


YouTube comments are the Devil.


I had my proxy in Japan go see this, and I may have to remove the “@tomchick potential” remark:

The long shot is really bad and really long. (the 37 minutes). Then the real film (a comedy) begins/. That comedy is about the making of the bad film and why it was so bad. Kinda like they had to show you The Room and then instantly show the Disaster Artist sequel. While I am told the second part is pretty funny, a zombie film it is not.


Can we put the Streamer released movies here. I am putting it here anyways…

How it Ends (2018)


Trying to just watch stuff I haven’t seen before since I have access to Netflix here. I didn’t even mind how slow it was and how not worthwhile most the characters are. I even forgave when they got rid of the most interesting character there was but this might be the first movie where the credits started rolling and I wondered if they ran out of money so they just… stopped. I don’t know if you’re supposed to be rewarded for watching a movie, but I did feel kind of cheated.


Theatrical release are movie released in theaters, and you’re not going to see that for many (any?) Netflix releases. Here’s a thread for Netflix releases. And here’s a thread for that movie.

Also, ha ha, you saw How It Ends! :)



For true, stupid entertainment value for both How It Ends and Extinction, go to subtitles and turn on “Audio Description”. See how long you can endure…

“A dark haired man picks up a can…”


Finally got a chance to see this and we laughed the entire time. The credits were also funny. Not since The Hangover have I watched a comedy team appear to have so much fun filming together. Everyone had their own shtick, but the chemistry felt very real.


Oh I thought Netflix released to theater sometimes, my bad. Total failure on searching for the title though, my bad there too. I can’t believe this movie was big enough to get it’s on topic! You can move this if you want Tom.


They do sometimes. Annihilation was a Netflix coproduction, I believe. Amazon does too, of course (Manchester By the Sea).


If Netflix wants awards consideration, particularly Academy Awards, they need to release in theaters first. Which is why they’ll rent out a theater in LA, run a movie for a week or two, and then release it on their service.


Oh good, so I am not just making this up. I could have sworn there was a big or two these streamers put in theaters over the years and the theaters were… mad because it was released on their platform at the same time or something.



opened in just 10 US cities

It’s a bad opening for sure, but it’s misleading for the article not to point that out in the header or something. Is that a record for the fewest theatrical openings?


That i don’t know. Still, we’re looking at 1-2 tickets sold per theatre. Still pretty bad. It might not be Worst Opening Ever on Average (or it may, i’m just trusting the report), but it looks pretty bad either way.