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“Still pretty bad” perhaps, but for a film not really marketed or obviously distributed. It does seem like a click bait type article I think, instead of a more interesting investigation about how the investors abandoned the film.



Have not seen it, but Bollywood/Nationlistic Sports film/Akshay Kumar/Dance numbers!

Sounds like your type of film.

Edit: Oh yes, Nazis!


It does look right up my alley!

I’ll probably wait though, since it’s getting mixed reviews:


I am very embarrassed to confess that I saw this the other day. I have excuses, but when you see it it is one of those films that @tomchick would give you hell for seeing, and deservedly so. Fortunately he will never see it.

Really, really awful, even to the point where Akshay Kumar has dropped several notches on the “might be worth seeing” list. Script was atrocious. There were three extremely disjointed dance/musical numbers. It sounded like they had stolen the theme from Dangal for most of the film. The hockey players were not the main roles really. Just bad all around, though I did feel sorry for some of the supporting actors, as I believe they tried.

Only redeeming factor was the ticket was super cheap, but it was still embarrassing to just to have been there.


Akshay Kumar has been in some really terrible movies. And some really great movies too. He’s like the Indian Nicolas Cage, you never know what you’re going to get.

Just like with Hollywood movies, it’s better to keep an eye on certain writer/directors. I love Imtiaz Ali’s films, although his latest was a rare miss.

I’ve been meaning to check out more of Neeraj Pandey’s movies. I absolutely loved Special 26. That was probably my favorite Akshay Kumar movie. I’ve been meaning to checkout that writer/director’s other movies, like “A Wednesday”, “Baby”, “Aiyaary”. From his wiki page, it looks like he also did M.S. Dhoni, which was a pretty good sports movie. (Ok, upon review, maybe not “Aiyaary”, that one has pretty bad reviews, so I guess he has had his recent commercial and critical flop too).


So I am going to recommend John Cho (Mr Sulu in Star Trek Reboot) in Searching.

This is one of those “through the eyes of social media” films, but it is not ad lib or handicam. Screen play and camera work are well done, and though they may over do it with the number of twists in the plot, it kept my attention through out.


I am going to leave this here. It is an interesting list:


Hey, it’s a ‘favorite movies I’ve seen this uear’ List that I’ve seen a fair number of! Partly because he picked movies from past years (which is how I see most)

Plus props for Dangal on there.


That’s a good way to keep a list of movies. Keep track of what you saw that year, as opposed to what came out that year.

Also, yes, good to see Dangal on that list. Also, maybe I need to investigate the Paddington movies. Maybe they’re not just for kids.


Ha ha, he saw In the Fade.



I liked it.


Next you’re gonna tell me you liked Diane Kruger as Helen of Troy.



This is releasing somewhere this weekend. (NY &LA)


Paddington 2 was great.


Paddington 1 is a pretty standard by the numbers kids movie. Paddington 2 is a campy absurdist romp. It isn’t amazing, but it’s better than it has any right to be.

It has Hugh Grant playing a villain that Tim Curry would have played, and he does it well. I’m looking forward to Grants creepy old guy years.


Saw this today and I really enjoyed it. For the most part the computer/phone stuff was extremely authentic which I appreciated as a computer nerd. Kept my attention the whole time and performances were good. (Debra Messing is the other major co-star playing a police detective).


This looks super interesting. Trailer is spoilery, like most trailers. Written by Steve Coogan who I thought did a great job with “Philomena”.


Thanks for the heads up, that does look pretty good!


I didn’t even know this movie existed, but after checking out this review I kinda want to see it.


I really loved The Beat My Heart Skipped and A Prophet, which were both by the same director, and the cast for The Brother Sisters is amazing so I’m definitely keen to check it out. Between this and the Laurel and Hardy biopic, it seems like John C. Reilly’s having a good year.