Theatrical Film Releases that don't need their own thread


Yes please. Namedropping Beat That My Heart Skipped and Rio Bravo in the same article is guaranteed to catch my interest. That sounds very cool.


Saw this last night. I liked it. Are we sure this movie wasn’t funded by Apple? ;)


Took my kids to see The House With a Clock in Its Walls. They’d had the book read to them. It was better than the reviews led me to expect, but still not great. I had no idea Eli Roth directed it, it’s probably his best movie! It’s a horror movie for kids, which, I mean… why would you make a horror movie for kids?

Anyway, the thing I really wanted to say was that before they movie, they showed the original, full-length music video of Thriller. In 3D. Which was especially weird because the movie wasn’t in 3D. They hadn’t even given us 3D glasses, so half the theater trooped back out to the lobby to get glasses.

It was kind of cool to see it again after 30 years. The werewolf transformation at the beginning was far too scary for my younger kid. She hid her eyes for the duration of the video after that. Some of the zombie makeup (Rick Baker!) was pretty gruesome too.

The dancing was just how you remember it. It’s goofy. So goofy. But iconic, you can’t deny that.


Captain Eo made a comeback to Disney World for a limited engagement like 10 years or so ago, and we happened to be there while it was running. I remember when it originally came out it was the hottest thing and the lines were tremendous to get in, so I told my kid "let’s go check it out’. Man, talk about dated and bad, but not Thriller Bad, just plain bad. I think this is when he was channeling his Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation phase. I also forgot it was at the same time everyone thought muppets were the bees knees.

Edit: No need to go to Disney World now:


Mostly what I remember about Captain EO was not being able to understand a single word of the dialogue. Maybe that was for the best. And that the 3D was pretty good. And I guess Angelica Houston was in it? Although I don’t know how I knew who Angelica Houston was then.

Also, Muppets are still the bees knees. I will fight you if necessary. Wait, does Farscape take place in the Captain EO universe?


Mostly what I remember about Captain EO is the fact that Doug Benson was one of the dancers in it.



When I think of Captain EO, all of a sudden thoughts of this enter my head…and then I start to feel physically ill.


I am going to drop this here just in case it is not yet on @tomchick 's radar…because zombies!

A darkness looms over ancient Korea…


Just got back from seeing Hell Fest and I thought it was alright. It definately cheered me up after a rough day at work and it was short and got to the action fairly quickly. It’s not a deep movie and the gore is pretty tame considering it’s R-rated but I enjoyed the lack of CGI and the fresh faces of the actors. Now I’m warmed up for Halloween (the new movie).


A new Clint Eastwood movie’s hitting theaters this year. He’s directing and starring in The Mule alongside Bradley Cooper and Dianne Wiest. He’s staying remarkably active for an 88 year old.


He’s directing!?


Yes, and producing, too! Though I have to wonder if one day we’ll find out that Bradley Cooper or the first AD were shadow-directing Eastwood’s twilight features, like PTA with Robert Altman’s A Prairie Home Companion.


My God, that trailer was fantastic…


Wow, that trailer should win some kind of award, even if the movie doesn’t turn out great.


Want to put this on @Nesrie’s radar if it is not yet.

Emily Blunt and a bunch of originals. I am a little surprised there is no hint of a Julie Andrews cameo in some way.

I do not believe this quote in the article :

I guess Van Dyke shows no respect.


I really enjoyed the original, and I am optimistic about this one too.


I usually never say this about remakes, but me too.


I usually don’t mind most remakes, but I totally understand the wariness when they’re involved. Heck even a poor sequel can kind of ruin things.


I still need to see the original.

The Sound of Music is still one of my favorite movies, and I only finally saw the Wizard of Oz about 8 years ago, and loved it. So I have hopes for the original Mary Poppins.


I have to say I saw the title of that clip and rolled my eyes that they were going to RUIN another childhood moment with a crappy remake.

Then I watched the trailer. I’m all about seeing that now!

But this trailer was absolutely awesome. Now on my radar as well.