Theatrical Film Releases that don't need their own thread


Saw this Tuesday night and also really enjoyed it. Viggo Mortensen does a great job in it. He did one of those weight gain things. He looks like he put on 50 pounds for the role.


Saw Roma today and I feel it’s definitely worth making a trek to the cinema during its limited theatrical run rather than waiting for it to show up on Netflix. Though it’s a small-scale story, it’s an absolutely visually stunning film. The Wellesian cinematography and staging was such a treat, and the lead actress performance broke my heart. It felt incredibly personal work for Cuaron. Just a beautifully-executed exploration of class. It’s been a very strong year for films (The Rider, Shoplifters, First Reformed, Apostasy), but I expect this will become an evergreen film for me that I’ll return to many times.


Funny (strange), it is on Netflix now as well as in the theater.


Watched The Favourite last night… it’s generally an interesting movie, shot depicting a time not usually represented in film (during the War of the Spanish Succession). I don’t think it quite captures the historic events and campaigns as they transpire (the Churchills are only granted the title of Marlborough after the Battle of Blenheim, while the rest of the campaigns through the remaining seven years are kind of melded together vaguely).

That being said, the dialogue and acting I think are beyond superb. The trailers don’t do this movie any justice at all as chopping up the scenes and dialogue in such a way diminishes the effect of it all. (Not to mention they couldn’t use much of it because holy crap it’s raunchy as hell. Like the lesbianism, the dialogue is raunchy but in a matter-of-fact, direct way.) Emma Stone’s evolution as a character is striking and I would say a bit surprising, though perhaps slightly hinted at.

Oh and I hated the ending. And the left- and right-justified credits. Ugh.

Still, if you like period pieces it’s definitely one to check out.

— Alan