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Saw this Tuesday night and also really enjoyed it. Viggo Mortensen does a great job in it. He did one of those weight gain things. He looks like he put on 50 pounds for the role.


Saw Roma today and I feel it’s definitely worth making a trek to the cinema during its limited theatrical run rather than waiting for it to show up on Netflix. Though it’s a small-scale story, it’s an absolutely visually stunning film. The Wellesian cinematography and staging was such a treat, and the lead actress performance broke my heart. It felt incredibly personal work for Cuaron. Just a beautifully-executed exploration of class. It’s been a very strong year for films (The Rider, Shoplifters, First Reformed, Apostasy), but I expect this will become an evergreen film for me that I’ll return to many times.


Funny (strange), it is on Netflix now as well as in the theater.


Watched The Favourite last night… it’s generally an interesting movie, shot depicting a time not usually represented in film (during the War of the Spanish Succession). I don’t think it quite captures the historic events and campaigns as they transpire (the Churchills are only granted the title of Marlborough after the Battle of Blenheim, while the rest of the campaigns through the remaining seven years are kind of melded together vaguely).

That being said, the dialogue and acting I think are beyond superb. The trailers don’t do this movie any justice at all as chopping up the scenes and dialogue in such a way diminishes the effect of it all. (Not to mention they couldn’t use much of it because holy crap it’s raunchy as hell. Like the lesbianism, the dialogue is raunchy but in a matter-of-fact, direct way.) Emma Stone’s evolution as a character is striking and I would say a bit surprising, though perhaps slightly hinted at.

Oh and I hated the ending. And the left- and right-justified credits. Ugh.

Still, if you like period pieces it’s definitely one to check out.

— Alan


Super excited to see this. High expectations. March 2019.


Yeah, although my expectations are tempered after Zero Theorem.


There’s plenty of time before March for the Gilliam Curse to kick in somehow. :(



Just finished The House That Jack Built. Matt Dillon as a serial murderer and wannabe artiste.

As usual with Von Trier, it’s hard to tell whether he’s serious or just being provocative for it’s own sake. In this case, I’m leaning towards genuinely thought-provoking. I’m pretty sure I’ll be mulling this one for a few days.

At the very least, it’s visually interesting and occasionally quite darkly funny and ridiculous…the ending sequence of the descent to Hell is pretty much brilliant, I think. Super gory and sadistic, though, yes it is. Worth a couple of hours? I think so.


Fodder for a post-post-postmodern cursed documentary about a film that was cursed! He wins either way. ;)


I finished watching Roma this evening. It’s pretty different from previous Cuaron, but at the same time it’s recognizably his. I came to it because of Children of Men and Gravity. Even though it definitely does not fit in the same niche as those movies (it does have one hilarious nod to Gravity), I think I’d recommend it to fans of those films. But, watch it carefully (you kind of have to anyway, because of the subtitles), and stay with it. The first 40 minutes or so may put you off, but there’s some amazing stuff still to come.

I’m not sure why it’s called Roma, does anyone know? Also, I’m not totally sure why it’s in black & white. I mean, maybe it just helps the movie to focus on the things Cuaron wants you to see? But maybe there’s some other reason.


I haven’t checked anywhere else so I could be way off, but I assumed title’s named after the daughter Cleo loses.


That’s certainly possible! I’m going to pretend it’s true even if it isn’t.



Hm, according to IMDB trivia entries for Roma, you’re right, it’s the neighborhood.


The sound mix, even on my home 5.1 system, is amazing. You wouldn’t expect it for a movie like this but it’s kind of a surround sound showcase.


I watched Roma today on netflix and fought about every 30 seconds with falling asleep. Suffice to say, not a fan. I appreciate its technical proficiency and accept it was very personal for Cuaron, and it had three fairly strong moments (birth, shopping and beach), but those were surrounded by 2 hours of mundane things happening to mundane people with whom I found it impossible to feel anything for, because there were almost no facial close-ups and sparse and mundane dialogue. It was just so detached, I found myself counting the turds in their driveway to somehow occupy my bored to death brain.

These two IMDB reviews sum up my impressions better than I could:

For the most part, watching Roma was about as interesting as watching paint dry…but not just any paint, but the most perfect, precious,
beautifully applied paint imaginable. And not just paint in any room,
but a room designed to be the best room with the best lighting and the
best layout…and, oh, this was paint drying under high humidity
conditions so you needed to watch the paint dry in a single,
long-flowing take to appreciate the reflective nuances of the paint in
all its evolving glory and often from unusually low angles of
perspective since that yields special visual treats. Best Director. Best
Cinematography. Best Paint Job. Ultimately not engaging.

‘Roma’ is certainly not the worst movie, but it’s definitely not the best people are claiming it to be. its plot (or lack thereof) made for a grueling experience. full disclosure: i am latina. my mom is from
mexico, my dad from costa rica. this film felt like watching a very
boring home video. the hype must be from americans because i looked up
reactions on social media and latinos ARE NOT IMPRESSED. There’s not
really much i can say about this film except a 5 is being kind. maybe if
cuaron had made a movie about the riots, and a personal story within
that, the film would have felt like it actually had a purpose.

I love Children of Men - 10/10 and one of my best theatrical experiences ever. I loved Gravity and Azkaban. But yeah this was a miss.

But then I watched first 5 episodes of Happy! and those went by swimmingly, amazingly fun and engaging (yes!) show.


Oh yeah, one thing I forgot to say about Roma, thanks for reminding me:

Someone take that dog for a freakin’ walk!


Lin Manuel Miranda in Mary Poppins Returns was one of the worst casting decisions of 2018. Talented dude, but wrong fit for this role with or without the atrocious accent.


just watched King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and loved it since I am a Guy Ritchie fanboy, also the bridge, the burg and the valley reminded me strongly of Boletaria castle. Sad, that it bombed at the BO, but I am really happy with it. We should have had a thread for it.


Despite an uncanny performance from Christian Bale, Vice was a complete wash. Does Adam MacKay think by using gimmicky information drops ala-The Big Short, intertitles, and a omniscient narrator his film becomes a satire? Bale and co. deserved a better script.