Theatrical Film Releases that don't need their own thread


IF you haven’t seen this yet…

— Alan


Aaah. That’s adorable. Some people are going to lose their stuff with that ending though; we’ll see if the animals overshadow it.

I was so worried watching this, almost the whole time!


On April 10, Terry Gilliam’s long-awaited The Man Who Killed Don Quixote will release to 700 U.S. theaters as part of a special one-night theatrical event!


My youngest nephew loves these movies, especially 3 right now. Mommy an Daddy might be a little sick of it though.

“Hotel Transylvania 4” will be out December 22, 2021, just in time for Christmas


Enjoyed Fighting with My Family, written and directed by Stephen Merchant, based on a true story of a family of wrestlers. I knew The Rock was in this from the trailer, but I couldn’t quite place the actress who played the Mom. It bugged me throughout the whole movie. She looked SO familiar! Got home, looked it up on imdb… it’s Cersei Lannister.


Was curious how non-wrestling fans would take to Fighting with My Family. As a fan of such low-brow entertainment I thought it was “cute”. It was more wrestling focused than I imagined, but it’s probably still widely accessible.

I knew a documentary predated the movie but I only got motivated to watch it after I saw the fictionalized version. Probably better to watch the lesser fictional version first before the original doc:

And, as was covered in the 2020 thread, it’s got Florence Pugh in the lead role, so, ya know… That’s good.


We just saw this too. We do these $5 movies on Tuesdays so it gets us into movies we might not see otherwise. About 5 minutes in the GF turned to me and said, “What kind of movie did you bring me to?”

But she got into it. It is a good movie, made better because it’s based on a real story.


Cold Pursuit has to have the most misleading trailer I’ve ever seen. It’s clearly been edited as the most bland geriaction movie that one could imagine. And that’s what the movie pretends to be for maybe 10-15 minutes. Except something feels a little off in a couple of scenes. The oddities kind of start to add up, and eventually you realize that the audience has been slowly eased into a Coen Brothers movie.

It’s also absolutely brilliant, I can’t imagine it not making my top 3 for the year.


Yeah, I read somewhere that its more of a comedy than revenge thriller like Taken. Perhaps I need to give it a chance!


Just got around to Paddington 2 with the family… IT’S SO GOOD!!!


Saw Apollo 11 at the IMAX. That was incredible. I’m debating whether to see it again. I believe it’s in the IMAX this week only, until Captain Marvel takes over.



Space crabs!!