Theatrical Film Releases that don't need their own thread


I’m not a tween. I found it very enjoyable, play like even. We simply disagree on that point which is fine.

And back to the original topic here. Because Jungle Book was well done and Beauty and Beast as well, I am looking forward to the Lion King.


I’m looking forward to Disney’s planned series of live-action Hentai movies.






I bet if Disney had a hentai IP, they would live action the hell out of it. That’s how corporate it is. Like its theme parks. Miramax and TWC at least tried to blend creativity with commercial success. But now we know those production companies are probably fronts for Harvey Weinstein to prey on women.

That is fucking Hollywood for you.

Insert more grumpy old man muttering


Miramax, the one that has been owned by Disney for years?


It went downhill creatively after Harvey left IMO. A net positive, all things considered.


While I am not in your boat, I do agree to some extent. Beauty and the Beast, no matter how well made, didn’t really add anything to the story. It was nearly a straight beat for beat retelling, with a bit more life added to the villagers. So aside from that, I didn’t find it particularly worthwhile.

Cinderella was even more pointless. It added less.

However the best of the lot was, by a mile, Malificent. Not in terms of pure production, acting, and cinematography. I am a poor judge of those after a single viewing. But because it took the classic story and told a different take on it. I would be very happy to watch ‘remakes’ like that.

The others were mostly fine, well made, films. Not terrible, but not especially interesting to me.


The Hype train has begun on this crusty old guy western:


Anyone interested in this one? I never saw Man on the Moon. Was it good?


I’m not sure if this will deserve it’s own thread, but on Saturday I am going to go see A Silent Voice. Sadly it’s only showing for two days and showing at a theatre that is at the opposite end of town from me. Sometimes I think it might be convenient to have a drivers license.

If you are interested in the trailer you can find it here. The only thing I know about it is that it’s anime and it’s been getting some good reviews.


I saw this (Victoria and Abdul) last weekend with my GF and her mother. It was the perfect movie for that, I think. It was something of a generational style of movie in that respect, at least a little bit.

I thought the casting was great, especially Judi Dench. She plays a great deal of emotion that leaks out in small ways at times, and seems so fitting as a queen in this respect that you feel like she actually IS a queen.

The jokes were funny, the sad scenes were sad, and the satisfaction from watching left me happy. I agree with everything you said here, this would be a good, easy watch once it hits streaming somewhere.


I am glad someone else liked. it. It’s an amazing story too, and so sad and aggrivating. I love Judi Dench! I also didn’t realize how… sad the queen was at the end of her life.


So is there a good book on that exact story? It was indeed sad, but part of me knows it was a movie version of a story that I’m sure has quite a bit more to it. I’d love to add something about it to my reading list.

I never knew any of it. My GF and her mother did, specifically pieces about the rooms created and artwork are apparently still on display and haven’t been changed much.


Loving Vincent: Great cast, good mystery story, I would recommend it:


Apparently it’s all based on recently discovered journals.

I have not read it though to know if they stretched the truth in the movies or not. The reviews say this is not just a historical novel but researched and studied material.


I watched Hired Gun last night. It’s a documentary about paid sidemen for the music business. It was really interesting with a few points that stood out.

  • Billy Joel came across as a gigantic dick. I get there is no loyalty for sidemen in a “name” act, but the callousness with which he dismissed members of his long-time band was hard to listen to. From what I read, they had to reshoot the footage with Liberty Devitto because it was so vitriolic they were afraid the guy would get sued.
  • Jason Hook (Alice Cooper, 5-finger death punch) is featured often. Turns out he helped fund the movie.
  • Alice Cooper comes across as either being a nice guy, or practiced enough at sounding like a good guy. He explained what it takes to make It was a sideman. I loved his line “I don’t have time for B-list players.”
  • Rob Zombie also said that it takes a blend of talent and whether or not he can live on the road with the guy.


Not sure what to think of this one. I like the spirit, at least.

Note: Red Band Trailer, for some cussing.


We really don’t have a thread for “Sing”?

Anyway, it looks like it was done by the studio that does the Dispicable Me/Minions movies.

I really liked it a lot. The song selection was excellent until the end. Only the final song completely let me down.

I just loved the main character, Mr. Moon. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a character so positive in the face of such dire circumstances. I loved him so much.


Aw man as a card carrying superfan of The Bronze this just became a must-watch for me. December 8th apparently.