Theatrical Film Releases that don't need their own thread


Man I had a very different take. It seemed like, essentially, an animated informercial for Sony Music Group artists, which it mostly was.

But I’m admittedly grumpy about music, and actively despise what comprises modern ‘pop’ music. So take my opinion on it for what it is worth (not much).


Hoo boy, definitely see Mudbound. I’m still wiping away tears. It’s a drama set in Mississippi during WWII…ambitious in scope and just gorgeous photography. It does start a little slow (mostly because events take place on-screen that don’t pay off for awhile) but once it gets rolling, it gets rolling.

It’s coming out of the gate with quite a bit of Oscar buzz, so you’re probably going to see it anyway…might as well get ahead of the pack.


I own Sing, love it. It’s one of the movies I have on the background when I am working but need just a hint of noise and distraction to keep going.


Oh, cool. Mudbound is a Netflix film. Will be watching it soon.


Personal Shopper

Horror starring Kristen Stewart. Scary bit is decent (the stalking/murder red herring is a bit too obvious to me), but it finally dawned on me that she looks very much like Emma Watson. Worth at least a rental IMO.


Anyone catch Brimstone - part western, part horror movie, part feminist tract from 2016? I found it to be unrelentingly brutal and difficult to watch at times. I really liked it, highly recommended*.

* If you can stomach it


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Obviously bombed in the box office, but it is very much a Guy Ritchie movie. Everybody act like some archtype from a Guy Ritchie movie: tough guy, shady guy, uptight guy, proper villain, best mates, token woman etc., except there is an Arthur and Merlin in there somewhere. And they talk like they are in modern UK.

As a genre blender it is fine IMO. Arthur scholars/British nationalists probably will disagree.


They would been better off calling it something else. It’s just a bunch of guys trying to one-up each other in conversations… and by the way there is a sword in a stone.


Is this where we post about Baywatch? I’m not done yet but it’s something pretty awful. I am glad Dwayne got to end the year with Jumanji instead of this. 99 cents wasted.


Hostiles gets a thumbs up from me for excellent performances from Christian Bale and Wes Studi, some gorgeous scenery, and Ben Foster Ben Foster-ing it up.


Oh wow, this ran under my radar. Not a very wide release it seems. I may have to catch it.


Yeah, it was only playing in one theater in my area, and Fandango didn’t even have any artwork for it. I certainly have a few issues with it, but the parts I liked were good enough to win me over.




6 Days is on Netflix. Billy Elliot must storm the Iranian embassy to save hostages and Margaret Thatcher’s reputation. Very workmanlike, but it rubs that Rainbow Six itch.


Lovesong, one of my favorite movies from last year, is currently on Netflix. Highly recommended. Come for the promise of hot lesbian sex, stay for the quietly understated and super emotionally intense love story.




Game Night was solidly entertaining from start to finish. Good cast with timing and chemistry, and yeah it’s just Jason Bateman doing standard dry sarcastic thing, but that always works for me.


I really want to see that. My gaming group might get together just to enjoy that link together.


Bateman’s schick is pretty awesome for me and I’m looking forward to this. Glad to hear it works well!