theHunter: Call of the Wild - Open world wild game hunting

Noted and thanks for the info, Jeff. I made my very empty lodge. I also got my free ATV. One thing of note is previously (early pre-DLC) you just hit accept after a kill if I recall correctly. That was it. Now I’ve noticed I can harvest or Taxedermize (for cash of course.)

So I spent a bit at lunch and just a bit ago getting back into where I was. Killed a doe Roe and a buck Fallow. So I harvested the former and taxedermized the latter. Strangely the taxedermize option was like 4K credits and I could swear it said just antlers. Somebody is making money off that deal. I haven’t put them in the lodge yet. Sadly though I have fox and bison kills previously that don’t matter for much now.

Where’s the good NEW place to hunt? Also, I’m stuck on a very early quest and now remember getting so frustrated with it that I went off and just started hunting at will. Sadly that give much less exp that quest rewards if I recall correctly.

Check out my lodge now. I got the coolest deer in my foyer!

I just literally run around until I find a need zone. Then I track and call them in. Most populations seem to be centered near the lakes. I’ve only been playing in Layton Lakes thus far even though I have all the DLC. Speaking of which, make sure you grab the weapon one as it gives you some very important weapons for free.

Yes Taxederming is super expensive. So I save it for special ones Level 4 (gold or better). Though I did taxidermy my very first kills as well which are unspectacular. Remember you can save a harvest if you don’t have money to taxederm it right away. If you’re on in Layton Lakes I can’t help you with quests. Layton Lakes is supposed to be the easiest zone.

Did you install any of your trophies yet? I didn’t see any in your lodge.

Haven’t installed yet but I will later. I just have the one taxidermied. I should have saved it for a decent level but now I know. I may hop over the Layton Lakes because it looks fun with the black tail and black bears.

One video mentioned you could get points applied to a different weapon if you change to that prior to harvesting, regardless of what you killed it with. That sounds like a bug but I thought I would ask if that’s legit. It will surely help later on if so.

I have no idea. I’ll have to give it a try!

Hey I checked out your spotted deer, very cool! I put up a few mounts and trophies now. I’m shooting a LOT more there at the lake. Much easier zones and tracking in my opinion. When the game first came out there was only Hirschfelden map. It’s spread out and hard to wander around on. To make it worse, walk/run speed was a bit slower if I recall. There was also no ATV. So, yeah. It took a LONG time to hoof it around. That ATV is gold I tell ya.

Because of this thread bump I’ve bought several DLC and ended up playing a good chunk of yesterday and today. I’m doing a lot better and have progressed to nearly level 18. I’ve noticed trophies above the 800 level take a ton of work, gaming the weapon used, precise shot placement and maximizing the harvested status (+20% for each consecutive harvest without losing a shot and not being able to track and harvest it.) And I believe the harvest status is only in one session, which promotes longer play sessions. At any rate, maximizing all three of those gives 100% for each, which applies to the base trophy score of the animal harvested. Animal difficulties seem to be spotable with binoculars or scope once you identify the animal.

At any rate, these have helped a lot. A guide on steam for the best weapon (in 100% integrity range,) and best shot placement per animal type.

Along with this, which is not just general tips, but also a list of the highest animal difficulty obtainable per type.

The same guy also has a list of maps which can be a bit spoilerish if you don’t know where landmarks, hot spots and wildlife locations.

Actually harvest status does continue between sessions :). Once in a while it bugs, b that’s almost never happened to me. But if you do end up in that situation, my suggestion is go to a rabbit hot spot and you can easily kill 3 in a few minutes getting you closer to 100% quick.

Good tip, Jeff. Thank you for that.

I will make a game where the animals hunt the hunters. Fuck humans.

I have picked this up along with some of the DLC. Being from the UK never hunted at all. Really enjoying it though only level 3. Just been working through the missions. Had a few kills including a black bear.

Atmosphere and settings are great, totally like the feel of it. Definitely looking forward to playing more.

I played this game some at launch, and was one of those people who wanted a photographer mode. I enjoyed it otherwise.

Now I see they have DLC that has you hunt lions and pumas? WTF?

Id like to hunt Dinosaurs tbh

I play that one too, ARK:Survival Evolved. I’ve died sooooo many times in that.

I haven’t been to either of those areas. It’s two different ones from what I can tell. I can tell you that some of the quests do revolve around getting pictures. Unfortunately though if you like that sort of thing, there isn’t much “game” to it and they pepper the picture taking missions along with normal quests to hunt.

The game is stunning though, and huge. The wildlife is fairly well modeled too. They go about their day following typical trails they use, frequenting hot spots for food/water/rest. The game has a full time cycle, so you have to take into account when they move, when they will be at a location, etc.

@Reemul I kind of wish this game was combined with Fishing Sim World. There are a lot of lakes in the game, it seems like it would be a natural fit given the audience.

I wandered through the other new DLC areas today. This game is gorgeous. I don’t know who makes the maps but they are fantastic.

What you can’t tell from that last pic is that those plains are COVERED in high grass and flowers. Those flowers in front of me are nearly shoulder height. So tracking say, a puma through that is just insane.

And yet …

How to poop your pants at night:

Yeah that would be really cool.

So apparently people like to do mp because whoever hosts the session, any needs zones found (they spawn more) are kept as long as they weren’t over-hunted during the session. So it can be good to get mp session and running around like mad looking for need zones to later hunt.

Looks like tree stands and tripod stands are on the way:

Hello Hunters,

As you all know, Treestands and Tripodstands are soon to be released into the game. We’d love to get your feedback on these new items, and what better way to do it than with an Open Beta?

To continue our “Trailblazer Programme” we are offering a new Open Beta for the Treestand and Tripod Pack and encourage those of you who want to participate to share your thoughts and feedback on this long-requested addition to the game.

Please note that the Treestand and Tripod Pack will be a paid DLC upon release (but of course as with our other paid DLCs it will be available to play on multiplayer should your host own the content and has deployed stands to their map)

Useful information about Tripods and Treestands

  • Both stand types offer visibility and scent reduction

  • Up to 32 of each stand type can be deployed per map

  • Hunting pressure accrues at a rate of 25% of normal

  • Treestands require the correct tree type to deploy. As you’d expect a tree with excessive brush, or too small a trunk can’t support the use of a treestand.

  • Both stands will spook game in a certain radius when deployed for the first time, you should setup and plan your spots ahead of your planned hunt. You will not however spook game by entering/exiting.

  • In the final “live” version of the DLC a limited number of stands will be found in your storage already when you enter the game for the first time, additional stands can be purchased from the in-game store.

A great way to use your stands is to set up near previously located need zones, ideally with a tent nearby to allow convenient fast-travel. You can then cycle through your favourite hunting spots at will.

That is the biggest thing of all. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the numbers, but I think I’ve been told if you kill more than 3 animals driving the pressure zone (purple) tgo its brightest purple, the animals will be driven from the need zones you see. At some number I think the Need zones will be permanently wiped out, and those animals that used to gather will have to make new ones somewhere else. Since it is hard to find them, I go on safe side and only kill 3 animals in same zone. After I’ve killed 3-6 animals in other zones, the pressure is gone from the original spot.

I kind of like that to be honest. I didn’t know about it either until reading up on it. Apparently they can migrate back to an area over time, it just takes a while. The need zones might not be in the exact same spot, but nearby. And as you stated, it is based on hunting elsewhere and time passing. I haven’t gone back to zones that are deep red so I didn’t really know this until reading about it over the weekend. It makes sense they would allow tree stand and tripods to last a while longer in an area, which makes me think they might be a sunk cost? I’m tight with money now but I can imagine at higher levels you’re just looking for something to spend money on.

I have been skipping around between hunting ranges to see them and try the quests in each. Besides Hirschfelden and Layton Lake, the rest get a bit harder. Less animals with calls / scents. Harder area layouts, etc. I’ve been slowly trying to pick up bowhunting but after seeing how hard the newer areas were I went back to Layton and Hirschfelden.

Still having a blast with the game. When I get tired of hunting I drive the ATV around and pick up lookout towers and outposts. Night hunting is intense. The fear of large cats and bears is also intense.