Theoretical question on energy policy

Lets say that it’s 2050 and you’re an average dude. Oil is scarce and now you have a choice: You can spend $300 (today’s dollars) on electricity or $300 on gas for your personal automobile. Which would you choose? (I’m assuming that the price has gotten to the point where the average middle class person can’t afford both).

Personaly I’d rather have the comforts of my home than the car which is mostly just used to get to work and back.

I’m guessing that most people would choose the modern things that electricity brings us and not their cars. Why doesn’t our energy policy focus on going that direction for example making more work at home programs, building more housing and more convenient public transportation near workplaces?

It will suck to give up my car, but to keep my family warm/cool and be able to play Quake XL then I’ll part with it.
I wonder exactly how many of us can work from home. with a bit of setup , my job could be from home.

In 2050? I’ll just buy Wired Reflexes and run.

Wait that costs more than $300. :(

By 2050 we’ll all be shoveling shit under Barter Town.

Your question isn’t really valid IMO. As costs of oil rise alternative energy sources become more practical. Once implemented on a large scale their cost drops down.

At the prices (and time frame) you’re talking about there will be very few oil driven cars that aren’t antiques.

Homes are even easier to change over as power is driven from centralized sources.