There And Back Again: A Dollhouse's Tale

Goddamned amazing miniature Bag End, built by a woman who clearly should quit her job and make models for films professionally. Incredible work.

That is quite nifty.

yeah I saw this previously… it is fucking nuts. I would go postal if I created something as meticulously crafted as that doll house.

I wonder how she created those pieces… what materials she used etc (too lazy to read the text I just looked at the bootiful pictures)

Absolutely brilliant. Some comments mention the fact that some shots look indistinguishable from a full-sized house, and I agree.

I can do better:

The painting of the minotaur took me six months to get wright.

Dude, that’s not even from Lord of the Rings.

Oh, so my original dollhouse ideas are less impressive than a reproduction?

“You cheat, Dr. Jones!”

  • Alan

Bag End vs. Urban Gay Couple’s Condominium isn’t really much of a contest in my book. Impressive work, though. I wouldn’t have thought it was miniature if you hadn’t said so.

And Stroker never lies!

qft !

My grandfather, who actually had talent and wasn’t a slacker like myself, spent much of his retirement making dollhouses. He made one for my grandmother that got featured on a local news segment back in the 80’s. I can’t really imagine how he had the focus to spent weeks making tiny little worked iron railings.

This here bag end is pretty amazing, I wonder how much of the furniture she made or if that part was mostly just careful shopping. I see she says something about making fruit out of plaster.

Either way, obsessive compulsive disorder would seem to be a requirement.

Just fantastic. Brings out the armchair hobbyist (or Hobbit-ist) in all of us. Thank you for posting this, Matt! (And for using the title, too ^_^)