There are still Nazis in 2019 and other Alt-Right nonsense




Edgelords gonna edge.


What’s going on with the kids in the upper midwest? The kids in that Wisconsin school with the Nazi saluting picture and now this?


I dunno, but I volunteer to take them to Auschwitz and march them from one terrifying exhibit to the next and kick them in the testicles between each one for good measure.


Fixed that for you. I don’t think there’s anything special about the midwest when it comes to racism. Kids are dumb everywhere.


That’s my take too. A cheap and easy way to get attention.



The guy is a total piece of lying garbage, this isn’t surprising.


It is entirely plausible that Charlie Kirk was checked in (maybe triaged), but the only flat place for him to lay down was on the bench outside while waiting for a bed.

I can’t believe I’m defending Charlie Kirk Actually, I’m not. I’m defending the hospital. They are following procedure. If it was truly life threatening (and I’m pretty sure a thrown out back isn’t generally cause for concern with a blood clot) they would have rolled out a bed into the hallway for him.

Granted, this is perfect evidence that our health care system needs work, but he’ll probably take it the wrong way and call for more privatization with more competition or something.


I mean… maybe.

I was triaged at an ER because I cut my fingernail mostly off while chopping (need to work on my knife skills) and I was certainly mad to be in pain while I sat in the ER waiting to be seen, but I didn’t decide to make it a PR opportunity to blame someone else for the ER being a bit busier that night. There were far sicker people ahead of me, I didn’t die. Who cares?

Charlie just traffics in this kind of whiny B.S. Wouldn’t this be a reason to blame our current non-government run healthcare? Should’t we have the best hospitals in the world without any wait times for people who can pay like Chuckie Kirk?

Dude is a whiny toolbag, and I think it is even funnier that he went in, got triaged as non life threatening, and rather than stand in the waiting room, he went out in the parking lot and went “this will make a great photo op”

What a fucking tool.


When owning the libs goes wrong.



Have you checked the children?

the call… it’s coming from inside the house!


There was that one guy in 2017 who attacked a Republican in a congressional baseball game, he gets talked about a LOT on right-wing talk radio as an example of left-wing extremists.



It’s unseemly to downplay this incident. . The guy brought an assault rifle to a Congressional baseball practice and shot five people, two critically, before he was killed by the police. It’s just luck that many more weren’t killed.


Is anyone here downplaying it? No, seriously; anyone?


See the post I was replying to.


It was not my intention to downplay the incident. Just to point out that the one incident is enough to be a long term example of how both sides have zealots, not just the right-wing.