There goes South Africa

The ANC Youth League is threatening to start a war if Jacob Zuma’s trial goes to court.

I can’t handle this shit any more.

There’s plenty of room in Texas.

Do you MIND? We already live here. And Israel’s slated to move to North Dakota. South Africa can have Wyoming.

Alaska ought to be big enough for Israelis and South Africans, with room to spare for a few million Iraqi refugees, if necessary. And instead of an income tax, the state pays YOU every year!

Move them to Delaware - no one else wants to live there…

I hear they may have a problem with Israel taking residence anywhere near…

I think we should just sell Montana to the highest bidder.

What? Delaware is awesome.

Edit: and you even live in Philly? How can you not know how awesome Delaware is?

Look, Charlize Theron can live wherever she damned well pleases.

Back to the OP:

What the hell is a “political case”? Do they really think that Zuma is being tried based on a political vendetta, and there is zero chance he did anything corrupt?

I do not get South Africa. First Mbeke says some really insane things about AIDS, then he coddles Mugabe, then all this crap with Zuma happens culminating in this insanity. My hat is off to South Africans. They have successfully blown my mind.

Have you ever been to Wilmington? I rest my case.

Have you spent any time in Montana? Glacier National Park? Parts of Yellowstone? The Flathead Lake area? Etc.? I’ve only visited it a few times, and I’m far from an expert, but it’s one of our most amazing states.

It is beautiful, but I’d never want to live there again.