There is a God: Ricci & Theron go nudie lesbo


Ricci Gets Naked

Hollywood stunner Christina Ricci will appear completely naked in her next film role. The former child star, who shot to fame in The Addams Family, will join actress Charlize Theron in the movie Monster. Monster is the story of executed serial killer Aileen Wournous, a prostitute, who murdered seven men on the Florida highways during 1989-90. And the scenes where the two women become lesbian lovers in prison don’t faze the 22-year old star. She says, “I’m pretty f****** naked. My agent persuaded me to go for it. She keeps saying, ‘You have beautiful breasts’.” [/b]

Charlize Theron is by far the prettiest woman in movies today…and she can act to. I can’t admit Ricci naked is of any real interest to me however.

I’d heard Ricci gets pretty nekkid in an upcoming film next month, too…Prozac Nation, I think it’s called. Looks like she may have found a calling.

I probably won’t actually see either of them, but the idea of her naked is not an unpleasant one.

Yeah, I read this yesterday, and DAMN was I happy. ;)

Charlize Theron as Aileen Wuornos. That’s some imaginative casting, to say the least.

She looks better with make-up.

or a paper bag

She’s reportedly a mensa member, as well. Beauty and brains. Yow!

Yup. Plus she’s in the one commercial in the world I can’t stand to watch. It’s the animal torture one, where they burn the paws of bears and put hooks through their snouts. Just nasty. I’d rather watch starving African children, since I’m already desensitized to it.

Instead of donations, do you send the kids notes telling 'em “life is tough, get over it?”

I love Google’s image search. Did you see the images on the 3rd row (and below)?

A couple of model-types, and Michael Moore! Wacky.

nah…that would be Monica Belucci. Mmmmm… :P

An unfortunate turn of events in this whole Ricci-Theron holy bond. I was watching Entertainment Tonight (there was nothing else on) and Charlize has put on 25 pounds to play the role of whatever character she is. Plus, she has all these weird age marks on her face (makeup I presume, but whatever)…She looks rough. Like… really rough. Hopefully Ms. Ricci can save that scene. heh

You’re kidding right?

What’s the point - they can’t read.

nah…that would be Monica Belucci. Mmmmm… :P[/quote]

Cross, you didn’t read the sentence fully. Theron is a mega-babe who can also act (and who has a genius-level IQ, to boot). Whereas, as gorgeous as Belluci is, I’ve yet to see anything she has done come close to convincing acting. Pretty much all the critics agree her acting was a weak link in Tears of the Sun. And in her other new movie, Irreversible, her main scene is the infamous 9-minute anal rape (shot in one continuous take).

But yeah, Belluci is a mega-babe. Ever seen the Esquire with her on the cover? They literally dip her in honey, and she’s licking it off her face with her tongue. Oh. My.

Now Theron and Belluci in a nudie lesbo scene would be pure Nirvana.

something like this ?

Okay, the face is scary, but the extra 16 pounds has just pushed her up to “normal average American thin woman without visible bones jutting out” that’s so uncommon in Hollywood…

she looks very pouty. like someone took her pony. but i think america will take what it can get.

I think that her transformation into a trailer-park spawn pretty much negates any selling point about her being in the picture.

What the world really needs is Ricci and Jennifer Connely having hot lezbian sex in a vat of creamed corn. I’d give a weeks pay to see that.

The creamed corn would only get in the way. Make it egg yolk and you got a deal.