There is always "that girl" at work

You know the super pretty/sexy one that wears tight sweaters and is always flirting. The one who gives you eyes. The one you think, “yeah, that might be fun”. But of course, you’d never go near her because, if it doesn’t work out . . . egad, the rumormill would fly, and you’d be in trouble.

But I can see why people have officeplace romances. I mean, you see these people all the time.

Who hear has a good/bad office romance story? Or knows one secondhand?

I take it you don’t.

Well, I did date “that girl” at a former game development job… lasted about two weeks… lots of fun in the middle, though. It’s a bit of a headache, in that news of it spread like wildfire.

Usually they are in marketing. Sometimes they are merits clerks. Heh.


Yep, but receptionists … they know EVERYTHING. Super bad idea, IMHO.

I did date a recruiter at an office I was in, but she was pretty far removed from my job. Still, we kept it a secret. It was fun to write coded messages to each other and sneak out early to make out in the park over a bottle of wine, though. So I don’t have any “when the relationship goes bad” stories.

I’m not going to persue theoreticaly girl, but just wondering if any guys or girls have stories about successful or unsuccessful office relationships. Unsuccessful is more entertaining, but successful is fun too.

Given where I work, “that girl” tends to be an undergraduate research assistant, giving me an additional reason to stay away.

They’re all HR plants to see if the sexual harassment training is being followed.

My firm rule is to never have an office romance.

Two former coworkers managed to pull it off successfully and even got married, but it’s too risky for my tastes. Not that there’s much of a pool to choose from anyway; it’s definitely not one of the perks of working at a small software lab.

Speaking of sexual harrasement, I saw that episode of the Office last night. Hadn’t seen it before. Similar, but different from the British episode where the boss’s friend comes in for trivia.

That’s my rule too. The fact that nobody’s ever been even remotely interested is, I’m sure, a complete accident.

A mutal friend at work introduced my wife and I when we were both working for a market research company 14 years ago. In our case I think it worked mainly because we practically never saw each other more than a few minutes each day at work (she was stuck in her cube all day managing studies and I roamed all over the place doing IT work). Hell, we rarely even had luch together, preferring instead to go out with our respective friends instead since we’d see each other in the evenings and on weekends. We never even got it on in an office or on a desk…yeah, it was that boring. ;-)

Been married 12+ years now. Right after we were married she left the company for a better job though, and I left about a year after that, so we didn’t have to deal with being married co-workers for long at all.

Private Zombie Morkilus reporting for duty, sir!

Oh, damn. :(

HR girl…tall, very sexy…we flirted uncontrollably for a month before xmas. At our xmas party, which I told my GF that no one was bringing their spouses/partners, I pumped her full of wine…but when we were leaving and she asked me where we should go, I gave her a big hug, went home to my GF, and never flirted again. Dangerous.

I met my wife at a job too, but I was a consultant. I also waited until after the project was over, so it’s not nearly the same potential mess.

My experience before then was it can be seriously awkward. Back in my dotcom bubble days people were all over each other like bunnies, it bore more than a passing resemblence to all being in the same college dorm.

If you happen to be a coder, you can always just hum this to yourself:

Dude, you applied catch & release to a woman? Bad karma to tease a woman like that, because you hurt her pride. Break up with the GF first.

This is the first company I’ve worked for that has NO issue with officeplace dating unless it’s in the same work team (even then they seem to turn a blind eye.) There are multiple married couples that work at this location too.

But as for your question, I’ve had mixed results. I’ve fished off the company pier a few times. One was a disasterous result, mostly due to it being in a small office (think about the size of The Office TV show.) The other times there’s been no issue. In general it happens a LOT more than you know simply because folks keep quiet about it.

My last job, we didn’t have any women. :(

No offence, but for a guy who calls himself TheRock you seem like kind of a pussy.