There is something familar about all this

I was under the impression the backgrounds are actually static and the game is 2D, which of course makes this thing even more sad, since it’s essentially barely-doctored screen shots they’re using.

Oh boy, in addition to Bethesda, these hacks will have to contend with Eidos’ Hammer Haunt lawyers.

Wait a minute, I didn’t know there was a subway in Oblivion! Is this part of the dungeon where you find the Dwemer Airship? Man, I looked all over and never could find that thing.

Wait a minute, I didn’t know there was a subway in Oblivion! Is this part of the dungeon where you find the Dwemer Airship? Man, I looked all over and never could find that thing.

that looks like a HL1 user made map, I’d say…

That subway might be from Silent Hill 3 or 4.

It’s definitely from Silent Hill 3. Edit: After looking at the screenshots on gamespot, it’s similar but the subway trains in SH3 had blue on them. Continuing to look for the source of the subway. It’s not Silent Hill 4 either.

Pretty weird if they did this knowingly. If it’s a small company, they might have outsourced the backgrounds to some freelancer.

…More like freeloader… zing!

Huh, I spoke too quickly. They’re already doing that. So, Oblivion and one of the Silent Hills. Must find more!

The REAL game is to find what games it stole from.

Won’t they be sued to the gills? Could easily be the end of their company, right there.

This shows either unbelievable incompetence or disdain for their audience.

Ok yeah that’s kind of what I meant. Instead of “pre-recorded” I meant to say “pre-rendered” like some old school games that were just 2D movement in a prerendered environment. Of course nothing here looks like any work was actually put in.

If you look at the screenshots that look like Oblivion and compare them to other parts of the game, you can tell there’s a huge difference in quality as well.

Thief 3:

And those skulls on the wall? Oh, they’re from Diablo 2 (2nd from last down page):

Am I the only one who, upon reading the phrase “Limbo of the Lost,” hears it in an exaggerated Caribbean accent with musical backing?


There are just too many to name now at this point… Silent Hill 4, Morrowind, the Spawn movie, Black and White 2, Unreal Tournament…

There may not be a single original asset in the entire game.

NeoGAF has been all over it in this thread:

I don’t think they’ve found anything that was stolen from Black & White 2. The only claim I spotted was that they stole the good god’s hand cursor, but the guy making the claim wasn’t able to come up with a convincing pair of screenshots, and there are certainly any number of places they could steal a model of a human hand. Obviously, this doesn’t excuse the developers for the other thefts, or even prove that the hand wasn’t stolen from something else.

This is starting to get wide coverage. Gamespot has an article up and say the publisher told them they haven’t been able to get ahold of the developers to discuss the issue. In other words, the publisher is separating themselves already.

Apparently, the developer has been pretending to be a player of the game on various adventure forums telling everyone how incredible the game is. Then he sent a review copy to one of them, and the reviewer helped out someone who was stuck in it. Then the developer pretending to be a player started ripping into the reviewer for letting hints out, and then posted as himself, the developer, supporting himself pretending to be a player.

Then… they figured out the “player” and the “developer” were the same person by seeing that their IPs were the same… so the developer said that it was a beta tester and posted as a player without his knowledge.

At another forum, the developer tried to do the same thing, got called out, and then the “beta tester” said that he was actually the developer’s daughter.

Confused? This is so awesome.

Links to the forum postings if anyone wants to have a laugh:

The players:

FABLE = The developer pretending to be a player, a beta tester, or his own daughter

MSSTUDIOS = The developer responding to himself pretending to be a player, a beta tester or his own daughter