There is something familar about all this

No, I don’t mean they don’t get sued if they don’t get permission and/or pay royalties. What I mean is that it’s very common in music to use others’ work, with or without permission. And a song doesn’t take nearly the amount of effort a game does. And while The Verve’s song is a classic case of what happens when it goes too far, the song was nevertheless a big international Top 40 hit song, not the kind of crapfest this game looks to be.

Just because a game or a mod steals someone else’s art doesn’t mean it can’t be good. Plenty of awesome game mods have used “borrowed” art and sound assets.

I don’t think that argument is going to have much sway here. I still remember the disparaging comments about the guy that did the Samus vs Master Chief video.

Just ordered a copy. Let’s see if Trisynergy’s legal boys or Game’s packing team are faster on the draw…

There’s borrowing some textures and sound samples, and there’s taking screenshots of other (mainstream) games to use as background for your point and click.

I really don’t know how they could have imagined getting away with this…

Comment from

“This game got the best from “Diablo II, Painkiller, Unreal Tournament 2003, Unreal Tournament 2004, Thief: Deadly Shadows, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Silent Hill 4, Crysis and scenes from the 1997 film Spawn and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.”
Im surprised the four horsemen and the Rapture haven’t shown up yet. Cant wait for Uwe Boll to pick up the rights for the game to make it into a movie!”


I kind of get what you are saying - something like Paul’s Boutique, which sampled everything and AFAIK nobody tried to get approval for all of it on that album. It is regarded as one of hip-hop’s finest records. Yet nobody thinks someone could do something like that today.

Liam Howlett released a mix set under the Prodigy moniker a few years ago; it was called “The Dirtchamber Sessions Vol. I” and apparently the amount of legal loopholes he and his council had to jump through to clear all of the various tracks that he included in the set made him swear off ever releasing another volume. Which is a shame, because it was awesome. Once it became apparent that a publisher (and artist) could earn a fortune in royalties because a half-second sample of one of their tracks was used in a top 10 hit, it became extremely difficult to use samples.

So… does QT3’s zero-tolerance stance towards piracy still apply here? 'cause I’m really tempted to torrent this, and I can’t say I’d feel particularly guilty about it.

I kne that was comnig when that review mentioned how uneven everything was, but raved about the fantastic audio. I bet it is all ripped.

It’s also only comnig to light now w/ the US release, when I’m pretty sure it has had an asian and UK release.

They can’t let him keep the dough, no matter how little. Going to be nutty splitting it 198379812663 ways thoguh once all the sources are ID’d.

They could always sue for a portion of the profits. Oh… wait… profits… riiight.

I say destroy 'em/ They never played this thing they published? They never played diablo or thief or oblivion? shouldnt be publishing games then.

Going cheap on ebay.

My google fu suggest its been out for at least 2 months in the wild based on torrent info.

This one (posted on GAF) is pretty blatant, too. An amalgam of interface art lifted from Diablo 2, with bits of art from the Burning Crusade website tacked on for good measure. Stealing extremely recognizable art from Blizzard… man, that’s ballsy. Or stupid. Or both. Is there a gamer alive that hasn’t played (or at least seen) Diablo II?

Ast a la vista Majestic Studios.

Rock, Paper Shotgun has the goods.

In their article there is this link (from a Just Adventure poster):

So, the guys who made the game are clueless as to the field. That’s how. Not insane, they just don’t know anything. Well, reality is about to come crashing down on them in a very bad way.

I think that’s pretty clearly a lie on their part. They have obviously played a great many games. ;)

I wish there was an American Movie-style film about these guys.

Somebody mentioned a torrent of the game…would it be morally wrong to grab that? I think I’ve paid for every game or movie spotted so far :P
Then again, what a frickin’ waste of bandwidth that would be. I intend to spend the evening with Guitar Hero 2/3 and AoC.

The Majestic logo looks awfully familiar. Where’s that stolen from?

The whole story reminds me a little of Shattered Glass:

It depends on whether they’re completely clueless or just scammers.