There will be no cigar-chomping or vaping in Gears 5

Title There will be no cigar-chomping or vaping in Gears 5
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When July 15, 2019

Gears 5 is tobacco-free..

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But I thought video games and what I saw on screen in no way influenced my real world behavior? ;)

I don’t smoke. I don’t like smoke and I do not like this one bit.

Because the worst thing in GoW is smoking.
Gears of War 10 has removed killing thanks to a partnership with someone else.
Kids aren’t supposed to be playing this game anyway.

I mean, these games are extremely violent. It’s pretty silly.

When I live in an alien ravaged world and have an expected lifespan of maybe 30 years due to rampant alien munching I’m gonna take up cigar smoking like a cross between George Burns and Wolverine and enjoy the hell outa a few puffs in between murder-fests.

Who needs a modern PMRC when the companies do it for us! Tipper Gore can relax!

But what about loot boxes? Neo-gambling? Designing a grind to maximize advertising/monetization of in-game purchases, and threatening to blackball users who don’t comply?

Save the Children!


Just more proof that the world is insane.

Nobody playing the test today?

I set it for download last night. But I don’t know if I’ll get the opportunity to play it tonight or not.

I suck badly at the team mechanics of this game and had a great time with it. Can’t wait for the campaign tho

The only game that I can think of that has smoking as a mechanic is Vengeance. There is a button to light up a cig and toss it as a distraction. The stupid toasters shoot at it presumably because it has a heat signature or something.

Also Steam page is up.

Warning, watch the trailer muted or ruin a great song forever with shitty mental associations.

LOL. Well said.

Kinda shocked this game still doesn’t have it’s own actual forum thread aside from this. Anyway, the preview embargo dropped yesterday…

  • Sounds like they are doing some interesting new things with Gears 5. Jack (the flying robot who was largely cloaked all the time in previous games when he wasn’t breaching doors for Marcus or whatever) now has light RPG mechanics and has battlefield abilities that can be upgraded and used at will. Jack is also now an actual character in Horde mode (and the campaign if you have three people), fulfilling a support role.

  • The game itself also appears to have open-world elements, including side missions and lore-related stuff you can come across. The world is traversed via the “skiff” parasailing thing that has been seen in a couple trailers for the game. Apparently it’s fun to drive.

  • Enemies are no longer immediately aware of your presence in combat scenarios, which allows you to actually hang back and survey encounters before walking into them, and also allows you to handle certain encounters with essentially stealth takedowns.

  • Campaign is about 20 hours long, if you do the side missions. About 12 hours if you just mainline the story.

  • The game will run at 4K60 on the One X, which sounds bonkers. They apparently pulled this off by offloading tasks that were left to the CPU in Gears 4, to the X’s far more powerful GPU in Gears 5. They are also using a new cutting edge technique for temporal reconstruction under load, called “temporal rejection” (read this somewhere else).

  • Game will have “Tours of Duty” in multiplayer, which basically sound like free battle passes with unique rewards. They’ve gotten rid of the random “card” packs from Gears 4 - cards still exist, but are earned in game, and they’ve changed how that all works. It won’t have season passes or paid battle passes, and they are aiming to release a significant free content update every three months to the game.

  • The game WILL have cosmetic stuff like skins for sale in a store, but you WON’T be able to buy the cosmetics that are earned through playing the game - so you can’t “buy now, rather than earn later”.

Previews seem to be very positive about the game, including at least two I read from people who said they were kinda unenthused about more Gears, but came away from this preview event much more excited.

Personally, I found Gears 4 perfectly competent and workmanlike, though it didn’t stick with me at all, and I didn’t even bother with the multiplayer. Gears 5, on the other hand, is interesting me far more as I read about it. The changes they’ve made to Horde mode make me want to play Horde again for the first time since Gears 3, and I’m a fan of the more striking visual palette this game seems to go for, versus the old browns and greys.

The game has had a baffling hype build-up though, starting at E3 2019, with that awful stage presentation that revealed next to nothing and featured no gameplay. And now it’s finally going full bore with less than a week before the game is available to Game Pass subs.

Thanks for the summary. I played a lot of Gears 2 Horde mode back in the day, it’s still my favorite coop experience ever. I finally played a Gears campaign earlier this year when I finished the original Gears campaign in Gears of War’s remake that’s on Game Pass.

I then started Gears 2 campaign, which I’d played on coop before with my brother one day. Gosh, we made it through so much in one play session, I had no idea. When I tried making it through that same area of the campaign in Hardcore single player, it was much, much tougher by myself, since Dom the AI single player is completely worthless and adds absolutely no value.

I do still plan on playing through Gears 2 and 3 and 4 campaigns, based on being surprised at how much I enjoyed Gears Ultimate’s campaign.

To be fair, it hasn’t been brown and grey since Gears 2.

Personally, I hope there’s a shorter Horde mode. 50 waves is just a way too large time commitment.

Don’t forget Judgment! Actually never mind, go ahead and forget Judgment.

I actually rented Judgement and played it briefly when it came out. I liked the idea of it. Basically the campaign is like playing Horde mode in single player. More and more waves of different types of enemies are thrown at the player. It was enjoyable, but I didn’t get the impression the campaign had much of a story that I would need to catch up on.