There will be no cigar-chomping or vaping in Gears 5

Finished the first Tour of Duty last night - entirely playing Horde, haha. I like the “Team Metal” skin set, but the “Team Rock” ones you get for hitting general are a little “meh” to me.

Apparently they are going to reveal what is coming in “Operation 2” this week, as Tour of Duty 2 starts December 11th. They’ve already confirmed Free-For-All mode coming to PvP, and Lizzie Carmine & Baird being added to the game (I assume Baird will be engineer class for Horde).

Impressive stuff. Maybe I’ll try some Horde too - haven’t really played it since Gears 2. I’m still playing a lot of Gears - going through Gears of War: Judgment, which seems pretty rudimentary and small at this point, but I actually enjoy the story bits (and how it ties into Gears 5), as well as helping someone with a Coop Gears of War 4 campaign.

Oh, and my Insane achievement belatedly popped, along with about 4 others - I guess I wasn’t properly connected to servers or something.

This was me as well, I hadn’t tried Horde mode since Gears 2, and it was pretty overwhelming at first. Not only can you build stuff, each class can build different things, and you can also repair the things that have been built using the currency you get from kills.

I’m not sure if I liked it as much as Gears 2’s horde mode, but it was certainly more complicated.

Operation 2 is live as of an hour ago - new Tour of Duty, new cosmetic stuff, new maps, new characters, etc.