There's a goddamn robot monkey vaccuming my house

One of the SA forum goons grafted an Animatronic monkey head to his Roomba vaccum cleaner, resulting in the most hilarious and terrifying creation man has ever made.

I hate this catchphrase but for once I think it’s appropriate:

I for one, welcome our new robot monkey vaccuum overlords.

That is seriously awesome.

That is seriously blocked by my employer.
Are you trying to get me fired?


I just want to give you what you really want :)

I’m sure they just have putfile in general blocked because it’s basically just video hosting.

I get an error message because I am using a toy computer.

Is it one of the red ones, with the two dials to move the cursor? Because I have that computer, too.

That monkey vacuum is freakish, though. In an awesomely good way, of course.

If I had kids, I would use that to terrorize them the next time they had a sleepover.

The invasion has begun.

But once you do that, the roomba can no longer clean under your bed.

That’s okay, because it gives you someplace where you can hide from it.

Dudes, tell me you guys didn’t work out that two-post gag beforehand. Nice!


What’s up with all the posts appreciating the fine literature at Q23.

Do you just keep these forums up so that you can steal all the quotes for the movie you’re going to someday write?

It’s white and it exposes disfunctionality.