There's no entry for Dune in wikipedia

A travesty!

I cannot claim nearly enough familiarity to even begin that.

Well, the whole idea behind a Wiki is that it is user maintained, so write an article!

Try here.

Now that’s odd, the search link for Dune on Wiki sent me to the edit page.

Let that be a lesson to you: pick orignal words for titles!

I’d like to see somebody summarize the last three books in such a way. They were interesting in the reading, but in the remembering they were completely ridiculous. Fish speakers and high kicks and poor Idaho dying forever.

They’re not nearly as concise as the Dune entry, but all of the books are summarized on Wikipedia.

But, like you said, not as concise.

I also loved how he turned the Bene Gesserit from Kind of Evil and Not to be Trusted into Saviours of Humanity.