These Are The Voyages-Star Trek TOS Remastered and Reconsidered


Carmel is much more interesting in I, Mudd (as we’ll see in Season 2) because it is a much better script which affords him many more opportunities to play the incompetent rogue thing to the hilt. In Mudd’s Women he is essentially a grinning pimp, who is only funny in that one scene. But that one scene was so good it got the character and actor a follow up role, and a beloved place in franchise lore.


I take exception to this, I think Mudd was fairly competent. He managed to negotiate a transaction for his women to the miners under Kirk’s nose and almost pulled off the whole deal.


Horseshoes and hand grenades. Like he almost outran the Enterprise. Or almost…well that is next season.

Tooo many almosts, Dive squared. You are squared because you almost had a point.


But that doesn’t make him incompetent, so much as a victim of circumstance.


Or a man who makes bad plans. He can transparently lie, and has a gift of gab, but I wouldn’t exactly call him a master schemer. What is this strange affection for Mudd’s alleged competence? Your hyperbole in attempting to defend his “prowess” is positively Mudd-like in it’s preposterous nature, and use of creative rationales and excuses (“Circumstance”).


“Hyperbole”? Methinks you might protest a bit much in excess of what would probably be considered the norm. He almost pulls one over on Kirk, who I think all would agree is pretty on the ball. He was working from a bad situation, essentially under house arrest in an unfamiliar, if not hostile, territory. He was working against the clock with his charges needing periodic doses to maintain their physical charms, those being somewhat, you know, critical to closing the deal. I’d say if one of his girls hadn’t made a run for it out into the storm, it might have all gone his way.


Based on Rainn Wilson’s portrayal of Mudd in two episodes of Discovery, I’m with divedivedive on this one. The man is quite clever, and his schemes almost work. He’s much smarter than most Star Trek villains.

After all, they’re all foiled in the end. All we can judge them by is how close they were to getting there.


Does not compute. Let’s discuss the one Mudd now, not the one retconned 50 years later shall we?

Now, regarding the TOS Mudd, He almost succeeds , kind of, in Mudd’s Women, but almost blew up his own ship beforehand. In S2…he isn’t exactly a genius, as we’ll see.


It’s hard to keep the retconned part straight in my head, since that technically is a prequel and happened before Mudd’s Women, so I keep thinking of it as something that happened prior to this episode.


Then the argument you’re looking for is that Mudd is a poor pilot or navigator or both. So stipulated.

And I haven’t seen any of Discovery beyond the pilot, so I can’t comment on their Mudd. I do like Rainn Wilson though.



(shortened form of RETroactive CONtinuity; first made popular in the comic book world)

  1. (original meaning) Adding information to the back story of a fictional character or world, without invalidating that which had gone before.

I’d say its a “Textbook” Retcon. :) Up there with Smoking Aces III. Though not as damaging and heinous.

Actually, Aces created a pocket universe. Thank God, so it can be ignored.

What Smoking Aces?


You need to see a good therapist about the whole reboot business. This just isn’t healthy.


What reboot?





Indeed. Too bad they only made 4 Star Trek movies with the original cast. I really liked 4, silly as it was.

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I’m considering moving on to the first four movies after wrapping up the original series, though I guess I don’t know what else there really is to say about them. I do love them though. And obviously I’d have to do the Kelvin movies after that.


What does he mean by “first four”? And Kelvin. @CraigM ?


Just nod and go along with it, everything will be just fine.


Kelvin is a unit of measurement, so I’m presuming they pulled a ‘Lucas’ and edited all units into Metric notation using Kelvin as the temperature scale.

Which is a bit silly, but as someone who appreciates the beauty of metric, it never bothered me.